The Verbal Disagreement

Ban now the art of discussion. Can we find another sentence on which A and B disagree? It doesn`t look like it - they both know it`s just a screenshot, that it was sold at an impressive price, and how many skills it takes to type those words with a keyboard or find the words. They are therefore involved in a purely verbal quarrel. "Intuitive is a verbal quarrel between two parties when both parties agree on the relevant facts concerning an area of concern and are divided only on the language used to describe this area. In such a case, there is a sense that the two parties "do not really disagree", that is, that they are not really divided in the area of concern and are divided only on language issues. Verbal conflicts are often due to factual conflicts where differences of opinion are linked to differences of opinion on facts and not to importance. If anyone thinks That Sydney is the capital of Australia and the others disagree, the disagreement is objective. However, there are situations in which the parties must choose a specific interpretation. For example, there can only be one prize awarded to the best student, so it is necessary to choose between the two definitions to decide whether Cindy or Betty should receive the award.

So this is the second way to resolve a verbal quarrel with two definitions - we choose a precise definition by looking very carefully at the function it should perform. If, in the sample, you have to choose between teachers A and B definitions, which ones you choose and why? Step 1: Temporarily block the T-Term in your vocabulary. Step 2: Try to find a new sentence of S in the limited vocabulary, so that the parties are divided non-verbally on S`and that this disagreement is part of the controversy of stage 3 of S: If there is such a sentence of S`, then the quarrel is not completely verbal, or at least there is a nonverbal dispute nearby. So who`s right and who`s wrong? In a way, both teachers are right because they seem to be working with two different definitions of "best students."