It Costs How much?

Hey guys. As you may or may not know, I like to play computer games. I heard about one called Faeria, watched a few videos/streams of its gameplay and decided to check it out. I've decided to hold off though. I don't feel like spending $100+ for a game advertised as costing only $8.

And no, I don't mean there are a bunch of hidden fees or an overwhelming need for microtransactions. I mean this site is literally trying to charge me $100+ for an $8 product. I'll explain what's going on.

To begin, Faeria is apparently going to be free to play in the future. What you buy right now is "Early Access." That means you'll get to play the game for however many months before its full release. I think that's a good marketing plan, and the page for purchasing this shows:


I'm not sure exactly what the price converts into in US dollars, but that's not important. I don't have a Steam account so I clicked on the G2A button. I saw:


I just wanted the Early Access, so I clicked on the green Buy Now button. I expected to be charged $7.40, and when the next page loaded, I saw:


There's the same $7.40 price. There's also a another $1.14 fee for what's basically a product guarantee offered by the marketplace handling the transaction. I turn that option off, click on the button to check out with PayPal and see:


That's not a joke. It's not faked. It's the price this company is trying to charge me for this "$7.40" game. Here, I'll go through the process again and take another screenshot:


An answer to what's going on can be seen if we look at how the price has changed. The price on the first entry has gone up $7.58, and the price on the "Additional cost" has gone up $0.30. The second entry doesn't change at all, but it shouldn't even be there. That is for the $21.64 early access bundle which comes with additional goodies.

Apparently what's happening is each time I go to purchase this item, the quantity of each item is reset to 1 while the price is not reset. The result is every time I repeat this process, the price is raised by another $7.88 or so:


That's pretty much all I've got. There's no moral to this story. There's just a bug in the code for this web site. I thought it was funny though, and that's what matters. Hopefully it was mildly interesting for you as well.

On a final note, I wonder what would happen if I actually purchased this Early Access for, say, $200. I wouldn't want to do it and risk losing the money, but I could see a person accidentally getting double or triple charged because of this bug.

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  1. This is a global warming research game, right? And the billing is modeled? /sarc

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