Id,Year,Title,Journal,Final Category,Final Endorsement,Rater 1,Category 1,Endorsement 1,Comment 1,Rater 2,Category 2,Endorsement 2,Comment 2,Rater 3,Category 3,Endorsement 3,Comment 3,Tie-break Rater,Tie-break Category,Tie-break Endorsement,Tie-break Comment
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11524,2010,Arctic Shipping Emissions Inventories And Future Scenarios,Atmospheric Chemistry And Physics,3,3,677,2,2,,1,3,3,Reduction scenarios mean mitigation paper| doesn't explicitly say AGW so implicit,,,,,2103,3,3,emissions scenarios & GWPs ,
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420,2010,Niche Dimensions In Fishes: An Integrative View,Physiological And Biochemical Zoology,2,4,677,2,2,,873,2,4,Cause for GW not mentioned (anthropogenic disturbance here probably does not refer to climate),,,,,71,2,4,Agree with commenter. Cause of GW not specified, "anthro" could be many things with respect to fish ecosystems.,
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10999,2010,Predicting Future Effects From Nutrient Abatement And Climate Change On Phosphorus Concentrations In Lake Bourget| France,Ecological Modelling,2,4,2001,2,4,,1439,2,4,Nothing to endorse AGA except a refererence to a IPCC runoff forecasr,,,,,,,,,
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392,2010,Predictions Of Turbidity Due To Enhanced Sediment Resuspension Resulting From Sea-level Rise On A Fringing Coral Reef: Evidence From Molokai| Hawaii,Journal Of Coastal Research,2,4,3083,2,4,never mentions anthropogenic impacts,1683,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
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10836,2010,Preliminary Forecasts Of Pacific Bigeye Tuna Population Trends Under The A2 Ipcc Scenario,Progress In Oceanography,2,3,1,2,3,'Forced by...CO2' + 'temperature becomes too warm' = Implicit Endorsement,873,2,4,Ok| I agree with endorsement| although abstract doesnt actually attribute warming to GHGs| so this is implicit implicit endorsement,,,,,2178,2,3,Just barely Implicit. Uses CO2 forcing in a climate model but opening sentence is only about potential impacts of warming,
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10540,2010,Process Integration| Modelling And Optimisation For Energy Saving And Pollution Reduction,Applied Thermal Engineering,3,4,1439,3,4,,3364,3,4,agree,,,,,,,,,
10892,2010,Production And Energetic Utilization Of Wood From Short Rotation Coppice-a Life Cycle Assessment,International Journal Of Life Cycle Assessment,3,4,1,3,4,,873,3,4,Usage of global warming potential should not be considered as endorsement,,,,,,,,,
11131,2010,Production Of Biofuels And Biochemicals From Lignocellulosic Biomass: Estimation Of Maximum Theoretical Yields And Efficiencies Using Matrix Algebra,Energy & Fuels,3,3,873,3,4,For endorsement| I would like to see mention of GHGs,1683,3,3,reduction in fossil fuel consumption to address GW = implicit,,,,,3364,3,3,GW as motivation for mitigation = implicit,
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