Id,Year,Title,Journal,Final Category,Final Endorsement,Rater 1,Category 1,Endorsement 1,Comment 1,Rater 2,Category 2,Endorsement 2,Comment 2,Rater 3,Category 3,Endorsement 3,Comment 3,Tie-break Rater,Tie-break Category,Tie-break Endorsement,Tie-break Comment
1734,2006,1851-2004 Annual Heat Budget Of The Continental Landmasses,Geophysical Research Letters,2,4,4194,2,4,strong endorsement of GW,2103,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7392,2006,A Climate-change Risk Analysis For World Ecosystems,Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America,2,3,677,2,2,,1375,2,3,Guideline 3.2 makes this implicit.,,,,,2103,2,3,See 1st rating comment,
1721,2006,A Comparative Analysis Of Woody Biomass And Coal For Electricity Generation Under Various Co2 Emission Reductions And Taxes,Biomass & Bioenergy,3,3,677,3,3,,1375,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
7292,2006,A Comparison Of Growing Season Indices For The Greater Baltic Area,International Journal Of Biometeorology,2,4,873,2,4,,71,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7300,2006,A Comparison Of The Environmental Benefits Of Bagasse-derived Electricity And Fuel Ethanol On A Life-cycle Basis,Energy Policy,3,3,3364,3,4,LCA; 3.1| no climate link,71,3,3,Does link to climate: "The cogeneration option results in lower energy-related emissions (i.e. lower global warming",,,,,1439,3,3,Does link to climate: "The cogeneration option results in lower energy-related emissions (i.e. lower global warming",
7254,2006,A Global Crisis For Seagrass Ecosystems,Bioscience,2,4,1375,2,4,Mentions global warming| but not directly linked to a cause,873,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7363,2006,A Growing Degree-days Based Time-series Analysis For Prediction Of Schistosoma Japonicum Transmission In Jiangsu Province| China,American Journal Of Tropical Medicine And Hygiene,2,4,677,2,4,,1802,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
1605,2006,A Land Surface Model Incorporated With Soil Freeze/thaw And Its Application In Game/tibet,Science In China Series D-earth Sciences,4,4,1,4,4,,3364,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
7687,2006,A Limited Lca Comparing Large- And Small-scale Production Of Ethanol For Heavy Engines Under Swedish Conditions,Biomass & Bioenergy,3,4,1683,3,4,,1375,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
1680,2006,A Matter Of Timing: Changes In The First Date Of Arrival And Last Date Of Departure Of Australian Migratory Birds,Global Change Biology,2,4,3364,2,4,,1,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7344,2006,A Method For Technology Selection Considering Environmental And Socio-economic Impacts - Input-output Optimization Model And Its Application To Housing Policy,International Journal Of Life Cycle Assessment,3,4,1439,3,4,,873,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
7524,2006,A Microwave Plasma Torch And Its Applications,Plasma Sources Science & Technology,3,3,3591,8,4,,873,3,3,To me it seems to be mitigation paper. PFCs are said to cause global warming| so it is implicit endorsement,,,,,1,3,3,Eliminating GHG emissions = Mitigation + GW = Implicit Endorsement,
1719,2006,A New Study Of The Mediterranean Outflow| Air-sea Interactions| And Meddies Using Multisensor Data,Journal Of Physical Oceanography,4,4,4194,4,4,,677,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
7629,2006,A Pacific Decadal Oscillation Record Since 1470 Ad Reconstructed From Proxy Data Of Summer Rainfall Over Eastern China,Geophysical Research Letters,5,4,677,5,4,,873,5,4,I agree with paleo,,,,,,,,,
1645,2006,A Phyloclimatic Study Of Cyclamen,Bmc Evolutionary Biology,2,4,873,2,4,,1802,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7563,2006,A Rapid Altitudinal Range Expansion In The Pine Processionary Moth Produced By The 2003 Climatic Anomaly,Global Change Biology,2,4,1802,4,4,,71,2,4,"C1.2 If a paper... goes on to results| then assign it to whatever the results are relevant to (eg - impacts...",,,,,3364,2,4,impacts on insects,
7536,2006,A Regulatory Effect Of Enso On The Time-mean Thermal Stratification Of The Equatorial Upper Ocean,Geophysical Research Letters,4,4,3364,4,4,modeling,873,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
7374,2006,A Revised Late Holocene Sea-level Record For Northern Massachusetts| Usa,Journal Of Coastal Research,5,4,1227,5,4,,1683,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
7286,2006,A Short-term Investigation Of Trace Gas Emissions Following Tillage And No-tillage Of Agroforestry Residues In Western Kenya,Soil & Tillage Research,3,3,1227,3,3,,2103,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
7501,2006,A Simulation And Mechanism Analysis Of Long-term Variations At Land Surface Over Arid/semi-arid Area In North China,Journal Of Geophysical Research-atmospheres,4,4,1,4,4,,3364,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
1670,2006,A Stage-based Study Of Drought Response In Cryptantha Flava (boraginaceae): Gas Exchange| Water Use Efficiency| And Whole Plant Performance,American Journal Of Botany,2,4,1,2,4,,1439,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7260,2006,A Strategy And Protocol To Increase Diffusion Of Energy Related Innovations Into The Mainstream Of Housing Associations,Energy Policy,2,3,1683,3,2,"human causes of global warming" is explicit by definition,71,3,3,I think "implicit" is already pretty generous. They don,,,,,1439,2,3,Emission reduction only implied, not explicit,
1750,2006,A Synthesis Of Bentho-pelagic Coupling On The Antarctic Shelf: Food Banks| Ecosystem Inertia And Global Climate Change,Deep-sea Research Part Ii-topical Studies In Oceanography,2,4,1439,2,4,,1,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7616,2006,Abatement Of Greenhouse Gases: Does Location Matter?,Climatic Change,3,2,4194,3,3,,3364,3,2,emission reductions (= anthro) linked to climate; emission scenarios from different sectors| abatement strategies| etc => explicit,,,,,2103,3,2,a lot of explicit wording in abstract ,
7316,2006,Abatement Of Sf6 And Cf4 Using An Enhanced Kerosene Microwave Plasma Burner,Physics Of Plasmas,3,3,4194,3,4,,3364,3,3,'gases which cause GW' = 3.1,,,,,1,3,3,GHG cause GW = Implicit,
1715,2006,Above- And Belowground Net Primary Production In A Temperate Mixed Deciduous Forest,Ecosystems,2,4,1802,2,4,,1439,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7424,2006,Abrupt Climatic Changes As Triggering Mechanisms Of Massive Volcanic Collapses,Journal Of Volcanology And Geothermal Research,2,4,2178,2,4,,1439,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7654,2006,Abrupt Reversal In Ocean Overturning During The Palaeocene/eocene Warm Period,Nature,5,3,677,5,3,,4194,5,3,,,,,,,,,,
1652,2006,Accumulation And Release Of Methane From Clathrates Below The Laurentide And Cordilleran Ice Sheets,Global And Planetary Change,5,4,1227,5,4,,1375,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
1627,2006,Adverse High Temperature Effects On Pollen Viability| Seed-set| Seed Yield And Harvest Index Of Grain-sorghum [sorghum Bicolor (l.) Moench] Are More Severe At Elevated Carbon Dioxide Due To Higher Tissue Temperatures,Agricultural And Forest Meteorology,2,2,677,2,2,,1683,2,2,,,,,,,,,,
7446,2006,Altitudinal Genetic Variation Among Pinus Oocarpa Populations In Michoacan| Mexico - Implications For Seed Zoning| Conservation| Tree Breeding And Global Warming,Forest Ecology And Management,2,4,1,2,4,,873,2,4,No mention of causes of global warming| so neutral,,,,,,,,,
7445,2006,An Accurate Analytical Solution Of A Zero-dimensional Greenhouse Model For Global Warming,European Journal Of Physics,4,4,873,4,4,,1,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
1661,2006,An Arctic-breeding Bird Survey On The Northwestern Ungava Peninsula| Quebec| Canada,Arctic,2,4,1802,2,4,,3364,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
1609,2006,An Atmosphere-ocean Time Series Model Of Global Climate Change,Computational Statistics & Data Analysis,4,4,2103,4,3,,873,4,4,I do not see clear mention of GHG-caused warming| so I will stay with neutral,,,,,3364,4,4,agree with neutral,
7590,2006,An Ecologically Mixed Brachiopod Fauna From Changhsingian Deep-water Basin Of South China: Consequence Of End-permian Global Warming,Lethaia,5,4,3364,5,4,,1439,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
7280,2006,An Enso Shift Revisited,Geophysical Research Letters,2,4,2103,2,4,,873,2,4,Deals with GW impact on ENSO. No cause for GW mentioned = neutral,,,,,,,,,
1754,2006,An Optimised Method For The Extraction And Analysis Of Lipid Biomarkers From Stalagmites,Organic Geochemistry,4,4,873,4,4,,1439,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
1745,2006,An Overview Of Terrestrial Sequestration Of Carbon Dioxide: The United States Department Of Energy's Fossil Energy R&d Program,Climatic Change,3,3,4194,3,3,,2103,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
7337,2006,Analysis Of A Novel Solar Energy-powered Rankine Cycle For Combined Power And Heat Generation Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide,Renewable Energy,3,3,1375,3,2,Reducing CO2 by human action leads to reducing future global warming,873,3,4,No causal link is mentioned between CO2 and GW (and no explicit mention of human role so cannot really be explicit),,,,,3364,3,3,'reduce CO2 emissions and GW' = implicit,
1748,2006,Analysis Of Features Of Climate Change Of Huabei Area And The Global Climate Change Based On Heuristic Segmentation Algorithm,Acta Physica Sinica,4,4,677,4,4,,3364,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
7370,2006,Analysis Of Long-range Clean Energy Investment Scenarios For Eritrea| East Africa,Energy Policy,3,4,3364,3,4,,873,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
7478,2006,Analysis Of The Impact Of Electricity Grid Interconnection Between Korea And Japan - Feasibility Study For Energy Network In Northeast Asia,Energy Policy,3,4,1439,3,4,,873,3,4,,3364,3,4,,1,3,4,,
7301,2006,Annual Variation In The Distribution Of Summer Snowdrifts In The Kosciuszko Alpine Area| Australia| And Its Effect On The Composition And Structure Of Alpine Vegetation,Austral Ecology,2,4,1802,2,4,,873,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
1714,2006,Antarctic Birds Breed Later In Response To Climate Change,Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America,2,4,1439,2,4,Regional effect perhaps does not imply any rejection or minimization of AGW,2103,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
1760,2006,Application Of Landsat-7 Satellite Data And A Dem For The Quantification Of Thermokarst-affected Terrain Types In The Periglacial Lena-anabar Coastal Lowland,Polar Research,4,4,4194,4,4,,1439,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
7449,2006,Application Of Life Cycle Assessment For The Environmental Certificate Of The Mercedes-benz S-class,International Journal Of Life Cycle Assessment,3,4,873,3,4,,1439,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
1642,2006,Aquatic Plants Diversity In Arid Zones Of Northwest China: Patterns| Threats And Conservation,Biodiversity And Conservation,2,4,873,2,4,,677,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7249,2006,Arctic Climate Change With A 2 Degrees C Global Warming: Timing| Climate Patterns And Vegetation Change,Climatic Change,2,2,873,2,4,I update my rating to implicit endorsement because of the scenario thing. Rating rules say that explicit needs explicit mention of human role| which is lacking in this abstract| so this cannot be explicit,3364,2,2,models forced by GHG emission scenarios| comparison to pre-industrial state| stabilizing GHG to prevent dangerous interference with the climate all explicit to me.,,,,,1227,2,2,2.2 CO2 increases + warming + human activity = explicit,
7400,2006,Arctic Hydrology During Global Warming At The Palaeocene/eocene Thermal Maximum,Nature,5,3,677,5,3,,1,5,3,,,,,,,,,,
1762,2006,Arctic Siberia: Refuge Of The Mammoth Fauna In The Holocene,Quaternary International,5,4,1,5,4,,3364,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
1675,2006,Are Dust Storm Activities In North China Related To Arctic Ice-snow Cover?,Global And Planetary Change,2,4,1439,2,4,,71,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
1621,2006,Assessing Goddard Institute For Space Studies Modele Aerosol Climatology Using Satellite And Ground-based Measurements: A Comparison Study,Journal Of Geophysical Research-atmospheres,4,4,873,4,4,,677,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
7680,2006,Assessment Of Environmental Effects Of The Coal Used In The Seyitomer Thermal Power Plant (turkey) On White Willow,Communications In Soil Science And Plant Analysis,2,2,1439,2,2,,71,2,2,It says that CO2 causes global warming AND that the CO2 is coming from thermal (coal) plants.,,,,,,,,,
7520,2006,Assessment Of Twentieth-century Regional Surface Temperature Trends Using The Gfdl Cm2 Coupled Models,Journal Of Climate,4,1,1439,2,1,"with anthropogenic forcing being the dominant cause of the pronounced late-twentieth-century warming"= Explicit(1),71,4,1,Modelling only| and not sure I read "impacts".,,,,,2178,4,1,Modelling and comparison to past & present data only. No prediction so not impacts,
7437,2006,Asymmetric Vegetation Responses To Mid-holocene Aridity At The Prairie-forest Ecotone In South-central Minnesota,Quaternary Research,5,4,1683,5,3,accepts future GW = implicit,71,5,4,4.1 No mention of ghg mechanism for gw.,,,,,1439,5,4,4.1 No mention of ghg mechanism for gw.,
7455,2006,Atlantic Hurricanes And Natural Variability In 2005,Geophysical Research Letters,2,4,1439,2,4,,1,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7498,2006,Atmospheric Electric Fields At The Kennedy Space Center| 1997-2005: No Evidence For Effects Of Global Warming Or Modulation By Galactic Cosmic Rays,Geophysical Research Letters,4,4,873,4,4,,3364,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
7550,2006,Atmospheric Lifetime And Global Warming Potential Of A Perfluoropolyether,Environmental Science & Technology,3,4,1439,3,4,,1375,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
7386,2006,Attributional And Consequential Environmental Assessment Of The Shift To Lead-free Solders,International Journal Of Life Cycle Assessment,3,4,1439,3,4,,873,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
1615,2006,Atypical Delta(15)n Variations At The Southern Boundary Of The East Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zone Over The Last 50 Ka,Quaternary Science Reviews,5,4,1802,5,4,,1683,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
7365,2006,Baseline Expression Of Heat-shock Proteins (hsps) Of A "thermotolerant" Mediterranean Marine Species Largely Influenced By Natural Temperature Fluctuations,Canadian Journal Of Fisheries And Aquatic Sciences,2,4,677,2,4,,873,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
1674,2006,Beyond Kyoto: A Tax-based System For The Global Reduction Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions,Ecological Economics,3,3,2103,3,3,,4194,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
7372,2006,Biogas Production From The Organic Fraction Of Municipal Solid Waste,Energy Sources Part A-recovery Utilization And Environmental Effects,3,3,873,3,3,,1,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
7515,2006,Biogeographical Variation In The Population Density Of Wild Boar (sus Scrofa) In Western Eurasia,Journal Of Biogeography,2,4,873,2,4,,3364,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7496,2006,Biorefinery: Opportunities And Barriers For Petro-chemical Industries,Pulp & Paper-canada,3,2,4194,3,2,,1439,3,2,,,,,,,,,,
7308,2006,Body Size Changes Among Otters| Lutra Lutra| In Norway: The Possible Effects Of Food Availability And Global Warming,Oecologia,2,4,1375,2,4,,3364,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7393,2006,Calculations On The Structure| Vibrational Spectrum| And Enthalpy Of Formation Of Pentafluoronitrosulfane| Sf5no2,Journal Of Molecular Structure-theochem,4,4,4194,7,3,,1439,4,4,No mention of AGW or carbon emissions.,,,,,1,4,4,'greenhouse effect' doesn't quite cut it hence Neutral,
1749,2006,Calibrating Remotely Sensed Chlorophyll-a Data By Using Penalized Regression Splines,Journal Of The Royal Statistical Society Series C-applied Statistics,4,4,1375,4,4,,3364,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
1724,2006,Can The Invaded Range Of A Species Be Predicted Sufficiently Using Only Native-range Data? Lehmann Lovegrass (eragrostis Lehmanniana) In The Southwestern United States,Ecological Modelling,2,4,1802,2,4,,873,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
1717,2006,Carbon Flows And Carbon Use In The German Anthroposphere: An Inventory,Resources Conservation And Recycling,3,2,4194,3,2,,2178,4,2,Upped it to 2. It is methods because it is analysis of carbon sources| sinks etc rather than how to change them.,,,,,1439,3,2,Results discussed=Mitigation,
7275,2006,Carbon Reduction Strategies At University Of East Anglia| Uk,Proceedings Of The Institution Of Civil Engineers-municipal Engineer,3,3,3364,3,3,,1375,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
7484,2006,Carbon Sequestration In A Temperate Grassland; Management And Climatic Controls,Soil Use And Management,3,3,1439,3,3,,3364,3,3,title = climate ,,,,,,,,,
1716,2006,Carbon Sequestration In Two Brazilian Cerrado Soils Under No-till,Soil & Tillage Research,3,3,71,3,3,,1439,3,3,Could...contribute is a little to vague for explicit| I think,,,,,,,,,
7659,2006,Carbon Storage Of Forest Vegetation In China And Its Relationship With Climatic Factors,Climatic Change,2,4,71,2,4,,3364,2,4,carbon storage = mitigation; effects of GW on C storage = impacts,,,,,,,,,
7315,2006,Catalytic Reduction Of N2o By H-2 Over Well-characterized Pt Surfaces,Korean Journal Of Chemical Engineering,3,4,3364,3,4,,1375,3,4,relevant?,,,,,,,,,
1756,2006,Catastrophe| Recovery And Range Limitation In Ne Pacific Kelp Forests: A Large-scale Perspective,Marine Ecology-progress Series,2,4,4194,4,4,,1439,2,4,Results=Impacts C1.2,,,,,2178,2,4,,
1654,2006,Cdm Potential For Rural Transition In China Case Study: Options In Yinzhou District| Zhejiang Province,Energy Policy,3,4,3364,3,4,agree,873,3,4,No cause for GW mentioned clearly enough,,,,,,,,,
7453,2006,Cell Evolution And Earth History: Stasis And Revolution,Philosophical Transactions Of The Royal Society B-biological Sciences,5,4,1375,5,4,,873,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
7273,2006,Ch3ocf2chfcl And Chf2ocf2chfcl: Reaction With Cl Atoms| Atmospheric Lifetimes| Ozone Depletion And Global Warming Potentials,Atmospheric Environment,4,4,1683,4,4,,4194,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
7403,2006,Change Of Baiu Rain Band In Global Warming Projection By An Atmospheric General Circulation Model With A 20-km Grid Size,Journal Of The Meteorological Society Of Japan,2,3,1683,2,3,,873,2,3,I agree with impacts and implicit endorsement.,,,,,,,,,
7653,2006,Change Of Extreme Events Of Temperature And Precipitation Over Korea Using Regional Projection Of Future Climate Change,Geophysical Research Letters,2,4,873,2,4,,3364,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7274,2006,Changes In Atlantic Thermohaline Circulation Under Different Atmospheric Co2 Scenarios In A Climate Model,Journal Of China University Of Geosciences,2,3,1802,4,1,,677,2,2,modeling results is 'implicit'. I don think we can say >50% because they model it that way.,,,,,3364,2,3,"changes under CO2 scenarios = impacts; use of scenarios B1, etc is implicit, 3.2,
7567,2006,Changes In Global Monsoon Precipitation Over The Past 56 Years,Geophysical Research Letters,2,4,1375,2,4,,873,2,4,I agree with impacts,,,,,,,,,
1687,2006,Changes In Occurrence And Abundance Of Northern/southern Flatfishes Over A 20-year Period In A Coastal Nursery Area (bay Of Vilaine) And On The Eastern Continental Shelf Of The Bay Of Biscay,Scientia Marina,2,4,3364,2,4,,677,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7540,2006,Changes In Onset And Withdrawal Of The East Asian Summer Rainy Season By Multi-model Global Warming Experiments,Journal Of The Meteorological Society Of Japan,2,4,677,2,4,,1375,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7320,2006,Changes Of Sea Level| Landscape And Culture: A Review Of The South-western Baltic Area Between 8800 And 4000bc,Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology,5,4,1,5,4,,677,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
7244,2006,Characterisation Of The Environmental Impact Of A Turbot (scophthalmus Maximus) Re-circulating Production System Using Life Cycle Assessment,Aquaculture,3,3,2001,3,3,Assessment of GWP from human activity (fish farming) is implicit. (what other way to assess GWP),3364,3,4,LCA = mitigation; not directly linked to climate 3.1,,,,,2103,3,3,another one of those tight calls,
7644,2006,Characterization Of Protective Oxide Layers Formed On Molten Az91 Alloy Containing Ca And Be,Metals And Materials International,3,3,4194,3,3,,1802,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
7395,2006,Chemical Looping Combustion In A 10 Kw(th) Prototype Using A Cuo/al2o3 Oxygen Carrier: Effect Of Operating Conditions On Methane Combustion,Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research,3,3,1439,3,3,,1375,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
1708,2006,Climate Agreements Based On Responsibility For Global Warming: Periodic Updating| Policy Choices| And Regional Costs,Global Environmental Change-human And Policy Dimensions,3,3,1439,3,3,"It has been suggested that.." too vague for explicit endorsement,1683,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
7469,2006,Climate Change And Human Health In Latin America: Drivers| Effects| And Policies,Regional Environmental Change,2,4,1439,2,4,,873,2,4,No causes of global warming discussed| neutral,,,,,,,,,
7398,2006,Climate Change And Solar Variability: What's New Under The Sun?,Earth And Planetary Science Letters,4,4,4194,4,6,,1,4,4,This abstract is too weak to be considered rejection of AGW| too uncertain. I'd rate it as neutral,,,,,2103,4,4,abstract is too vague for rejection,
1765,2006,Climate Change And The Future Of Shipping And Ship Design,Naval Engineers Journal,3,2,1227,3,2,,1683,3,2,I think the language is sufficient to be considered explicit,,,,,,,,,
7325,2006,Climate Change Impacts On Wheat Production In A Mediterranean Environment In Western Australia,Agricultural Systems,4,3,677,2,4,,1375,2,3,Borderline| would like third opinion. Seems to use climate scenarios that accept CO2> warming| which would be implicit by analogy with guideline 3.2.,,,,,1,4,3,Couples CO2 and warming, hence Implicit Endorse,
1659,2006,Climate Change Manipulations Show Antarctic Flora Is More Strongly Affected By Elevated Nutrients Than Water,Global Change Biology,2,4,4194,4,4,,71,2,4,C 1.2 discusses results,,,,,1439,2,4,Results discussed = Impacts,
7486,2006,Climate Change Projections For The Twenty-first Century And Climate Change Commitment In The Ccsm3,Journal Of Climate,2,2,677,2,2,,2001,2,2,,,,,,,,,,
7465,2006,Climate Change| Parasitism And The Structure Of Intertidal Ecosystems,Journal Of Helminthology,2,4,4194,2,3,,873,2,4,No cause for GW mentioned,,,,,2103,2,4,neutral language,
7519,2006,Climate Controls On Us West Coast Erosion Processes,Journal Of Coastal Research,2,4,873,2,4,,4194,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7364,2006,Climate Impacts At Multiple Scales: Evidence For Differential Population Responses In Juvenile Chinook Salmon,Journal Of Animal Ecology,2,4,1802,2,4,,3364,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7553,2006,Climate Model Fidelity And Projections Of Climate Change,Geophysical Research Letters,4,3,677,4,3,,873,4,3,,,,,,,,,,
7534,2006,Climate Sensitivity Constrained By Temperature Reconstructions Over The Past Seven Centuries,Nature,5,3,71,5,3,,1439,5,3,,,,,,,,,,
1720,2006,Climate Sensitivity To Ocean Dimethylsulphide Emissions,Geophysical Research Letters,4,4,1802,2,4,,3364,4,4,response of climate to DMS = methods,,,,,873,4,4,Deals also with GW impact on DMS, but methods is best as default category,
7302,2006,Climate Sensitivity Uncertainty And The Necessity To Transform Global Energy Supply,Energy,3,2,1439,3,2,,71,3,2,,,,,,,,,,
7546,2006,Climate Warming Impact On Degree-days And Building Energy Demand In Switzerland,Energy Conversion And Management,2,4,4194,2,4,,3364,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7676,2006,Climatic And Intertrophic Effects Detected In 10-year Population Dynamics Of Biological Control Of The Arrowhead Scale By Two Parasitoids In Southwestern Japan,Population Ecology,2,4,677,2,4,,6319,2,4,Warming temps affect orange production and parasitology,,,,,,,,,
7466,2006,Climatic Change On The Tibetan Plateau: Potential Evapotranspiration Trends From 1961-2000,Climatic Change,2,4,677,2,4,,1375,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7467,2006,Climatic Change| Wars And Dynastic Cycles In China Over The Last Millennium,Climatic Change,5,4,1683,5,4,,3364,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
7303,2006,Climatic Limits Of Pink Bollworm In Arizona And California: Effects Of Climate Warming,Acta Oecologica-international Journal Of Ecology,4,4,4194,4,4,,2103,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
1706,2006,Climatic Variability In The Southwest Pacific During The Last Termination (20-10 Kyr Bp),Quaternary Science Reviews,5,4,3364,5,4,,1375,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
7456,2006,Co2 And Albedo Climate Impacts Of Extratropical Carbon And Biomass Plantations,Global Biogeochemical Cycles,3,3,873,3,3,,2103,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
1707,2006,Coastal Processes And Morphological Change In The Dunwich-sizewell Area| Suffolk| Uk,Journal Of Coastal Research,2,4,1227,2,4,,3364,2,4,'projected SL rise' = impacts,,,,,,,,,
7645,2006,Combined Effects Of Elevated Temperature And Carbon Dioxide On Geometry Of Maize Leaves,Journal Of The Faculty Of Agriculture Kyushu University,2,3,4194,2,3,,677,2,4,,,,,,2103,2,3,,
7464,2006,Comparative Analysis Of Co2 And So2 Emissions Between Combined And Conventional Cycles With Natural Gas And Fuel Oil Consumption Over The Spanish Thermal Power Plants,Fuel,3,4,677,3,3,,4194,3,4,,,,,,2103,3,4,Nothing implicit in text,
7411,2006,Comparative Efficiencies And Implications For Greenhouse Gas Emissions Of Chiller Refrigerants,International Journal Of Refrigeration-revue Internationale Du Froid,3,3,677,3,3,,71,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
1604,2006,Comparative Risk Assessment Of The Burden Of Disease From Climate Change,Environmental Health Perspectives,2,4,873,2,4,,1375,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7537,2006,Complex Phenological Responses To Climate Warming Trends? Lessons From History,European Journal Of Entomology,2,4,4194,2,3,,1683,2,4,no implicit language,,,,,1439,2,4,No link to human role or GHG emissions,
7595,2006,Compost And Mulch Effects On Gaseous Flux From An Alfisol In Ohio,Soil Science,3,4,3364,3,4,not explicitly linked to climate,873,3,4,I agree with mitigation| but not because this is not explicitly linked to climate (carbon cycle is closely related to climate),,,,,,,,,
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