Id,Year,Title,Journal,Final Category,Final Endorsement,Rater 1,Category 1,Endorsement 1,Comment 1,Rater 2,Category 2,Endorsement 2,Comment 2,Rater 3,Category 3,Endorsement 3,Comment 3,Tie-break Rater,Tie-break Category,Tie-break Endorsement,Tie-break Comment
6972,2005,"carbon-money Exchange" To Contain Global Warming And Deforestation,Energy Policy,3,2,4194,3,2,,873,3,4,GHG-GW link too vague,,,,,1227,3,2,I think it makes a clear link between human GHG emissions & global warming,
7191,2005,20th Century Variations Of The Soil Moisture Content In East-hungary In Connection With Global Warming,Physics And Chemistry Of The Earth,2,4,1439,2,4,,1802,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
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7017,2005,A 3-year Field Measurement Of Methane And Nitrous Oxide Emissions From Rice Paddies In China: Effects Of Water Regime| Crop Residue| And Fertilizer Application,Global Biogeochemical Cycles,3,3,1439,3,3,"mitigating the combined climatic impacts from CH4" is mention of climate,3364,3,4,duplicate abstract?; only GWP| no specific mention of climate; 3.1,,,,,1,3,3,'climatic impacts' = Implicit,
6775,2005,A Brief History Of Great Basin Pikas,Journal Of Biogeography,5,4,677,2,4,,3364,5,4,prehistoric = paleo; but also mentions potential impacts on current pika populations,,,,,873,5,4,It was agreed that paleoclimate impacts are put in paleoclimate bin,
6895,2005,A Comparative Study Of Water As A Refrigerant With Some Current Refrigerants,International Journal Of Energy Research,3,4,873,3,4,,677,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
6965,2005,A Comparative Study On The Autoxidation Of Dimethyl Ether (dme) Comparison With Diethyl Ether (dee) And Diisopropyl Ether (dipe),Journal Of Loss Prevention In The Process Industries,3,4,3364,3,4,,873,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
7129,2005,A Concept For Simultaneous Wasteland Reclamation| Fuel Production| And Socio-economic Development In Degraded Areas In India: Need| Potential And Perspectives Of Jatropha Plantations,Natural Resources Forum,3,3,1,3,3,'Mitigation of global warming' = Implicit Endorsement,1375,3,3,Moved to agreement with other reviewer. Agree with comment.,,,,,,,,,
1779,2005,A Conceptual Model Of Ecological Interactions In The Mangrove Estuaries Of The Florida Everglades,Wetlands,2,4,4194,2,3,,873,2,4,No cause for GW mentioned = neutral,,,,,2178,2,4,Main AGW issue they are interested in is sea level rise. And that is just one of many factors. Almost not climate related but stick with impacts,
1842,2005,A Cosmogenic Nuclide Chronology Of The Last Glacial Transition In North-west Nelson| New Zealand - New Insights In Southern Hemisphere Climate Forcing During The Last Deglaciation,Earth And Planetary Science Letters,5,4,873,5,4,,1439,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
6979,2005,A Falsification Of The Thermal Specialization Paradigm: Compensation For Elevated Temperatures In Antarctic Fishes,Biology Letters,2,4,677,2,4,,3364,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
6959,2005,A Figure Of Merit Assessment Of The Routes To Hydrogen,International Journal Of Hydrogen Energy,3,3,1227,3,3,,3364,3,3,agree,,,,,,,,,
6817,2005,A Generalized Framework For Solving Dynamic Optimization Problems Using The Artificial Chemical Process Paradigm: Applications To Particulate Processes And Discrete Dynamic Systems,Chemical Engineering Science,4,4,1375,4,4,,3364,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
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1788,2005,A Model To Predict Climate-change Impact On Fish Catch In The World Oceans,Ieee Transactions On Systems Man And Cybernetics Part A-systems And Humans,2,4,873,2,4,,1683,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
6906,2005,A Modeling Study Of Dynamic And Thermodynamic Mechanisms For Summer Drying In Response To Global Warming,Geophysical Research Letters,2,3,1802,2,4,,1375,2,3,guideline 3.2 Modelling studies forced by CO2| and this states ocean warming caused by CO2 forcing.,,,,,1683,2,3,CO2 warming = implicit,
7023,2005,A Movable Trigger: Fossil Fuel Co2 And The Onset Of The Next Glaciation,Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems,2,2,1802,2,2,,1375,2,2,emphasises fossil fuel emissions to prevent next ice age,,,,,,,,,
1908,2005,A Multigenerational Game Model To Analyze Sustainable Development,Annals Of Operations Research,4,3,677,8,4,,71,3,3,or Neutral... and "or Models"... Note reference to "DICE" model - DICE models have a damage function for expected warming due to ghg emissions in the model itself.,,,,,1683,4,3,DICE = implicit, but also methods,
6899,2005,A Note On How To Avoid Contrail Cirrus,Transportation Research Part D-transport And Environment,3,4,1802,3,4,,677,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
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7162,2005,A Projection Of The Effects Of The Climate Change Induced By Increased Co2 On Extreme Hydrologic Events In The Western Us,Climatic Change,2,3,1,2,3,,3364,2,3,,,,,,,,,,
1823,2005,A Regional| Multi-sectoral And Integrated Assessment Of The Impacts Of Climate And Socio-economic Change In The Uk,Climatic Change,4,4,677,2,4,,1439,4,4,No discussion of results-> methods C1.2,,,,,71,4,4,c 1.2,
6957,2005,A Roadbed Cooling Approach For The Construction Of Qinghai-tibet Railway,Cold Regions Science And Technology,2,4,1328,2,4,,873,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
6984,2005,A Seasonally Resolved Bottom-water Temperature Record For The Period Ad 1866-2002 Based On Shells Of Arctica Islandica (mollusca| North Sea),International Journal Of Climatology,4,4,873,4,4,GHG-GW link too vague,2103,4,3,,,,,,3364,4,4,no anthro mention,
7004,2005,A Semi-distributed Monthly Water Balance Model And Its Application In A Climate Change Impact Study In The Middle And Lower Yellow River Basin,Water International,2,4,1,2,4,,1375,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
1856,2005,A South American Bioinvasion Case History: Limnoperna Fortunei (dunker| 1857)| The Golden Mussel,American Malacological Bulletin,2,4,1439,2,4,,4194,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
6912,2005,Abrupt And Massive Influx Of Terrestrial Biomarkers Into The Marine Environment At The Cretaceous-tertiary Boundary| Caravaca| Spain,Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology,5,4,1227,5,4,,2103,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
7177,2005,Accurate Estimation Of Tree Positions In Larix Leptolepis Forest Using Portable Imaging Lidar Data By Hough Transform,Phyton-annales Rei Botanicae,4,4,1439,4,4,,677,4,4,compares the method with a few data| do not assess any impact,,,,,,,,,
6879,2005,Adaptation To Climate Change: Genetic Variation Is Both A Short- And A Long-term Solution,Forestry Chronicle,2,4,3364,2,4,,1802,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
6826,2005,Adapting To Climate Change In A Dryland Mountain Environment In Kenya,Mountain Research And Development,2,4,1683,2,4,,3364,4,4,adaptation = impacts,,,,,1439,2,4,C4.1 Papers on the effect of climate change or rising CO2 on the environment, ecosystems or humanity,
6811,2005,Aerosol Organic Carbon To Black Carbon Ratios: Analysis Of Published Data And Implications For Climate Forcing,Journal Of Geophysical Research-atmospheres,3,3,1375,3,3,,3364,3,3,ok,,,,,,,,,
1884,2005,Aerosol Properties And Their Spatial And Temporal Variations Over North China In Spring 2001,Tellus Series B-chemical And Physical Meteorology,4,4,873,4,4,,3364,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
6787,2005,Alleviation Of Summer Drought Boosts Establishment Success Of Pinus Sylvestris In A Mediterranean Mountain: An Experimental Approach,Plant Ecology,2,4,1802,2,4,,873,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
1829,2005,Alluvial Stratigraphic Evidence For Channel Incision During The Mediaeval Warm Period On The Central Great Plains| Usa,Holocene,5,4,4194,5,4,,6319,5,4,MWP drought in American West,,,,,,,,,
1796,2005,Alterations In The Production And Concentration Of Selected Alkaloids As A Function Of Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide And Air Temperature: Implications For Ethno-pharmacology,Global Change Biology,2,4,4194,2,4,,1802,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
6886,2005,Altering Airborne Pollen Concentrations Due To The Global Warming. A Comparative Analysis Of Airborne Pollen Records From Innsbruck And Obergurgl (austria) For The Period 1980-2001,Grana,2,4,1802,8,0,,873,2,4,Deals with GW impact on pollen concentrations (see title),,,,,1683,2,4,impact on pollen,
7121,2005,Alternatives To The Global Warming Potential For Comparing Climate Impacts Of Emissions Of Greenhouse Gases,Climatic Change,4,2,3364,4,2,'climate impacts of emissions'| not impacts of GW,1802,2,2,title states "impacts",,,,,2178,4,2,It is an analysis of methods of analysing imnpacts. So really that is methods,
6917,2005,An Assessment Of The Energy Inputs And Greenhouse Gas Emissions In Sugar Beet (beta Vulgaris) Production In The Uk,Agricultural Systems,3,2,1802,3,2,,1375,3,2,explicitly links human emissions of GHGs to climate change in first sentence.,,,,,,,,,
6943,2005,An Ecological 'footprint' Of Climate Change,Proceedings Of The Royal Society B-biological Sciences,2,4,2001,2,4,,873,2,4,No cause for GW mentioned,,,,,,,,,
6933,2005,An Integrated System Framework For Fuel Cell-based Distributed Green Energy Applications,Renewable Energy,3,4,677,3,4,,1439,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
1898,2005,Analysing Countries' Contribution To Climate Change: Scientific And Policy-related Choices,Environmental Science & Policy,3,3,1375,3,3,,1,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
1805,2005,Animal-borne Sensors Successfully Capture The Real-time Thermal Properties Of Ocean Basins,Limnology And Oceanography-methods,4,4,4194,4,4,,873,4,4,I agree with neutral. This was a clear error rating from me,,,,,,,,,
6819,2005,Anthropogenic Climate Change And Abatement In A Multi-region World With Endogenous Growth,Ecological Economics,2,2,873,2,2,,1,2,2,,,,,,,,,,
6970,2005,Anthropogenic Impacts Recorded In The Sediments Of Lunawa| A Small Tropical Estuary| Sri Lanka,Environmental Geology,2,4,677,8,4,,3364,2,4,"The lower part of the cores may also suggest the influence of gradual global warming.",,,,,2103,2,4,Agree with 1st rating,
1891,2005,Arctic Sea Ice Trends And Narwhal Vulnerability,Biological Conservation,2,4,3083,2,4,,1439,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
1820,2005,Arctic Surface| Cloud| And Radiation Properties Based On The Avhrr Polar Pathfinder Dataset. Part Ii: Recent Trends,Journal Of Climate,2,4,1439,2,4,,1,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
1911,2005,Are Long-distance Migrants Constrained In Their Evolutionary Response To Environmental Change? Causes Of Variation In The Timing Of Autumn Migration In A Blackcap (s-atricapilla) And Two Garden Warbler (sylvia Borin) Populations,Bird Hormones And Bird Migrations: Analyzing Hormones In Droppings And Egg Yolks And Assessing Adaptations In Long-distance Migration,2,4,873,2,4,No used search phrases in abstract,1,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
6835,2005,Are Precipitation Levels Getting Higher? Statistical Evidence For The Netherlands,Journal Of Climate,4,4,4194,4,5,,1439,4,4,Incomplete abstract,,,,,1,4,4,No causation or hint of minimising AGW = Neutral,
6983,2005,Assessing Bias Corrections In Historical Sea Surface Temperature Using A Climate Model,International Journal Of Climatology,4,4,4194,4,4,,677,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
6856,2005,Assessing The Environmental Impacts Of Beach Nourishment,Bioscience,3,4,4194,3,4,,1,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
6977,2005,Astronomical Pacing Of Late Palaeocene To Early Eocene Global Warming Events,Nature,5,3,71,5,3,The "hypothesis" is that clathrates are the source of the carbon. The warming seems clearly tied to "the extreme greenhouse conditions prevalent during this period".,873,5,4,Almost implicit endorsement| but not quite| GHGs are described only as leading hypothesis,,,,,2103,5,3,paleo paper that links GHG's to GW,
6874,2005,Astronomical Pacing Of Methane Release In The Early Jurassic Period,Nature,5,3,1683,5,3,,1439,5,3,Methane pulses superimposed on global warming,,,,,,,,,
6911,2005,Atlantic Thermohaline Circulation In A Coupled General Circulation Model: Unforced Variations Versus Forced Changes,Journal Of Climate,2,3,677,2,4,,3364,2,3,'historical and projected GHG forcing' ... effects 'if CO2 keeps rising'; ,,,,,2103,2,3,climate modeling+GHG forcing,
7024,2005,Atmospheric Chemistry Of Cf3ocf2cf2h And Cf3oc(cf3)(2)h: Reaction With Cl Atoms And Oh Radicals| Degradation Mechanism| Global Warming Potentials| And Empirical Relationship Between K(oh) And K(cl) For Organic Compounds,Journal Of Physical Chemistry A,3,4,1375,3,4,,1683,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
7055,2005,Atmospheric Chemistry Of Chf2cho: Study Of The Ir And Uv-vis Absorption Cross Sections| Photolysis| And Oh-| Cl-| And No3-initiated Oxidation,Journal Of Physical Chemistry A,4,4,677,8,4,,1375,4,4,Could be relevant... CFCs are radiatively active| and measuring their radiative properties could be important for climate.,,,,,873,4,4,IR absorption of GHG is climate related,
7142,2005,Atmospheric Chemistry Of Hydrofluoroethers: Reaction Of A Series Of Hydrofluoro Ethers With Oh Radicals And Cl Atoms| Atmospheric Lifetimes| And Global Warming Potentials,Journal Of Physical Chemistry A,3,4,3364,3,4,,3083,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
7022,2005,Atmospheric Chemistry With Synchrotron Radiation,Journal Of Physics B-atomic Molecular And Optical Physics,4,4,4194,4,3,,873,4,4,No cause for GW mentioned,,,,,1,4,4,No causation = neutral,
6750,2005,Atmospheric Response Function Over Land: Strong Asymmetries In Daily Temperature Fluctuations,Geophysical Research Letters,2,4,2103,2,4,,1439,2,4,Discusses results=impacts,,,,,,,,,
1890,2005,Australia-wide Predictions Of Soil Properties Using| Decision Trees,Geoderma,4,4,677,4,4,,1439,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
6758,2005,Avoiding Dangerous Anthropogenic Interference With The Climate System,Climatic Change,3,2,3591,3,2,,677,3,2,,,,,,,,,,
6995,2005,Baseline Study Of Methane Emission From Open Digesting Tanks Of Palm Oil Mill Effluent Treatment,Chemosphere,3,2,677,3,2,,1,3,2,,,,,,,,,,
7113,2005,Biodiversity Of The Indian Ocean From The Perspective Of Staghorn Corals (acropora Spp),Indian Journal Of Marine Sciences,2,4,1439,2,4,,1,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
6891,2005,Biostratigraphy And Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy Of Uppermost Cretaceous-lower Cenozoic Muzzle Group In Middle Clarence Valley| New Zealand,Journal Of The Royal Society Of New Zealand,5,4,1,5,4,,3364,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
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7101,2005,Borehole Temperatures| Climate Change And The Pre-observational Surface Air Temperature Mean: Allowance For Hydraulic Conditions,Global And Planetary Change,4,4,1439,4,4,,1,4,4,This is all about the method of taking borehole measurements| hence Methods paper,,,,,,,,,
1887,2005,Brazilian Energy Policies Side-effects On Co2 Emissions Reduction,Energy Policy,3,3,4194,3,3,,1439,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
6792,2005,Briksdalsbreen In Western Norway: Ad 1900-2004 Frontal Fluctuations As A Combined Effect Of Variations In Winter Precipitation And Summer Temperature,Holocene,2,4,873,2,4,,1375,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
6807,2005,Can Global Warming Affect Tropical Ocean Heat Transport?,Geophysical Research Letters,2,4,1375,2,4,doesn't say CO2 causes significant warming,1,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
6908,2005,Can Reducing Black Carbon Emissions Counteract Global Warming?,Environmental Science & Technology,3,3,873,3,4,Almost implicit endorsement,2103,4,3,,,,,,3364,3,3,focus on mitigation; endorses human causes =implicit,
7006,2005,Carbon Accumulation In Cotton| Sorghum| And Underlying Soil As Influenced By Tillage| Cover Crops| And Nitrogen Fertilization,Plant And Soil,3,3,4194,3,4,,3364,3,3,3.1. 'crops sequester CO2 and mitigate GW',,,,,1,3,3,'mitigate...GW' = implicit endorse,
1850,2005,Carbon Cycling And Budget In A Forested Basin Of Southwestern Hokkaido| Northern Japan,Ecological Research,3,3,4194,3,4,,1,3,3,'carbon sequestrion is very combatting global climate change' = Implicit Endorsement,,,,,2178,3,3,Combatting says human actions can effect it,
6839,2005,Carbon Dioxide And Methane Exchange Of A North-east Siberian Tussock Tundra,Global Change Biology,2,3,71,2,3,,1375,2,3,This is not mitigation| as it is carbon cycle field measurements (possible methods) which discusses the impact of warming on natural systems (impacts). Moved to 'implicit' as ,,,,,,,,,
6779,2005,Carbon Dioxide As Refrigerant For Tap Water Heat Pumps: A Comparison With The Traditional Solution,International Journal Of Refrigeration-revue Internationale Du Froid,3,4,873,3,4,,1,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
7153,2005,Carbon Dioxide Emissions And Climate Change: Policy Implications For The Cement Industry,Environmental Science & Policy,3,3,1,3,3,,677,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
6853,2005,Carbon Sequestration In Arable Soils Is Likely To Increase Nitrous Oxide Emissions| Offsetting Reductions In Climate Radiative Forcing,Climatic Change,3,4,4194,3,4,,1683,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
7166,2005,Carbon Sequestration| The Precautionary Approach And The Responsibility Of Scientists,Water Science And Technology,3,3,1683,3,3,carbon sequestration to combat GW = implicit,3364,3,4,no AGW,,,,,1,3,3,Mitigation + 'combat global warming' = Implicit,
6805,2005,Carbonic Anhydrase And Co2 Sensing During Cryptocloccus Neoformans Growth| Differentiation| And Virulence,Current Biology,4,3,4194,4,2,,1802,4,3,I don't see the explicit endorsement.,,,,,1439,4,3,2.2 No mention of human influence,
6828,2005,Case Studies On Environmental Impact Of Seawater Desalination,Desalination,4,4,4194,4,4,,1439,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
6747,2005,Centennial-scale Interactions Between The Carbon Cycle And Anthropogenic Climate Change Using A Dynamic Earth System Model,Geophysical Research Letters,2,2,873,4,2,Deals with climate system and carbon cycle interaction = not just impacts but also methods = methods,1375,2,2,Agreed with other reviewer| focus moves to anthropogenic.,,,,,71,2,2,C 1.2 "If a paper... goes on to results...",
7185,2005,Cf(4) Decomposition Of Flue Gas From Semiconductor Process Using Inductively Coupled Plasma,Ieee Transactions On Industry Applications,3,4,3364,3,4,,1439,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
7200,2005,Ch4 And N2o From Mechanically Turned Windrow And Vermicomposting Systems Following In-vessel Pre-treatment,Waste Management,3,3,4194,3,3,,1375,3,4,,,,,,2103,3,3,"6 GHG's listed in Kyoto Protocol that require emission reduction"+"quantify contribution to GW",
7082,2005,Changes In The Timing Of Spring And Autumn Migration In North American Migrant Passerines During A Period Of Global Warming,Ibis,2,4,1227,2,4,,1439,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
1800,2005,Changes In Tropical Cyclone Number| Duration| And Intensity In A Warming Environment,Science,2,4,677,2,4,,71,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
6882,2005,Changes In World Ocean Nitrate Availability Through The 20th Century,Deep-sea Research Part I-oceanographic Research Papers,2,4,4194,2,4,,873,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
1798,2005,Changes Of Anti-oxidative Enzymes And Mda Content Under Soil Water Deficits Among 10 Wheat (triticum Aestivum L.) Genotypes At Maturation Stage,Colloids And Surfaces B-biointerfaces,2,4,4194,2,4,,6319,2,3,Research into drought- and stress-resistance in wheat; climate change is mentioned as increasing urgency of research.,,,,,2103,2,4,,
1843,2005,Changes Of Anti-oxidative Enzymes And Membrane Peroxidation For Soil Water Deficits Among 10 Wheat Genotypes At Seedling,Colloids And Surfaces B-biointerfaces,2,4,677,8,4,,1439,2,4,Drought and GCC mentioned in first line,,,,,1683,2,4,first sentence = impacts,
6844,2005,Changing Frequency Of Occurrence Of Extreme Seasonal Temperatures Under Global Warming,Geophysical Research Letters,2,4,873,2,4,,3364,2,4,agree,,,,,,,,,
1803,2005,Characterization Of Microsatellite Loci In Schoenoplectus Americanus (cyperaceae),Molecular Ecology Notes,4,4,4194,4,4,,1227,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
7146,2005,Climate Change And Recent Genetic Flux In Populations Of Drosophila Robusta,Bmc Evolutionary Biology,2,4,1439,2,4,,71,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7119,2005,Climate Change Effects On Species Interactions In An Alpine Plant Community,Journal Of Ecology,2,4,677,2,4,,3364,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
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1874,2005,Climate Change Impacts For The Conterminous Usa: An Integrated Assessment - Part 4: Water Resources,Climatic Change,2,3,4194,2,4,,1439,2,3,GCM reference and global climate change= Weak implicit endorsement,,,,,2103,2,3,modeling + increased evap/warming,
7096,2005,Climate Change Impacts For The Conterminous Usa: An Integrated Assessment - Part 5. Irrigated Agriculture And National Grain Crop Production,Climatic Change,2,4,1,2,4,,4194,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7068,2005,Climate Change Scenarios For The Hudson Bay Region: An Intermodel Comparison,Climatic Change,4,3,4194,4,2,,873,2,3,No explicit mention of human role,,,,,2103,4,3,No anthro mention. Intermodel comparison=methods,
6966,2005,Climate Change-driven Forest Fires Marginalize The Impact Of Ice Cap Wasting On Kilimanjaro,Global Change Biology,2,4,3364,2,4,,1683,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7115,2005,Climate Change: Length Of Growing-season In The Us Corn Belt| 1911-2000,Physical Geography,2,4,1802,4,4,,71,2,4,C1.2 If a paper.. goes on to results| then assign it to whatever the results are relevant ,,,,,2103,2,4,As with 1st rating comment,
1785,2005,Climate Changes And Tree Phylogeography In The Mediterranean,Taxon,2,4,71,2,4,,1,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
6756,2005,Climate Effects Of Global Land Cover Change,Geophysical Research Letters,2,3,1439,2,3,,1683,2,3,,,,,,,,,,
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6860,2005,Climate Sensitivity Of Marine Energy,Renewable Energy,3,3,1375,3,3,,3364,2,3,impacts of GW on energy production = impacts; impact ok ('changes in climate from rising C emissions'),,,,,1439,3,3,Mostly concerned with renewable wave energy=Mitigation,
7029,2005,Climate Variability And Change: Past| Present And Future - An Overview,Climatic Change,2,2,4194,2,2,,71,2,2,,,,,,,,,,
7016,2005,Climate Variability Reveals Complex Events For Tularemia Dynamics In Man And Mammals,Ecology And Society,2,4,677,2,4,,873,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
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6789,2005,Climatic Features Of Summer Temperature In Northeast China Under Warming Background,Chinese Geographical Science,2,4,1439,2,4,,3364,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
6804,2005,Climatic Unpredictability And Parasitism Of Caterpillars: Implications Of Global Warming,Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America,2,4,1,2,4,,873,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
7174,2005,Co(2)| Ch(4) And N(2)o Fluxes From Soybean And Barley Double-cropping In Relation To Tillage In Japan,Phyton-annales Rei Botanicae,3,3,677,3,3,,1439,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
1861,2005,Coevolution And Biogeography Among Nematodirinae (nematoda : Trichostrongylina) Lagomorpha And Artiodactyla (mammalia): Exploring Determinants Of History And Structure For The Northern Fauna Across The Holarctic,Journal Of Parasitology,2,4,1439,2,4,,1,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
6777,2005,Comments On "evidence For Global Runoff Increase Related To Climate Warming" By Labat Et Al.,Advances In Water Resources,2,4,1439,2,4,,873,2,4,Seems to be a comment| not a full study,,,,,,,,,
6968,2005,Comparative Lcas For Curbside Recycling Versus Either Landfilling Or Incineration With Energy Recovery,International Journal Of Life Cycle Assessment,3,4,677,3,4,,3364,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
6774,2005,Comparing Life Cycle Implications Of Building Retrofit And Replacement Options,Canadian Journal Of Civil Engineering,3,4,1802,3,4,,1375,3,4,GWP mentioned but not clearly linked to warming,,,,,,,,,
6862,2005,Comparison Between Heat Pipe And Direct Heat Exchange Solar Louvre Collectors,International Journal Of Green Energy,3,4,1439,3,4,,677,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
1871,2005,Comparison Of Climate Space And Phylogeny Of Marmota (mammalia : Rodentia) Indicates A Connection Between Evolutionary History And Climate Preference,Proceedings Of The Royal Society B-biological Sciences,5,4,1,5,4,,873,5,4,I think it is matter of taste if this paleoclimate or impacts (as it seems to be paleoclimate impacts). I think there is no need to change either rating here.,,,,,,,,,
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6820,2005,Conservation And Behavioral Neuroendocrinology,Hormones And Behavior,2,4,4194,3,4,,873,2,4,Animal conservation is not GW mitigation| its GW impacts mitigation = impacts,,,,,2103,2,4,OK impacts it is then,
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7159,2005,Photo Reduction Of Co2 To Methanol Via Tio2 Photocatalyst,International Journal Of Photoenergy,3,2,873,3,3,Explicit needs explicit mention of human role. If paper says CO2 causes warming it is only implicit. I also think that "primary" doesnt necessary mean over 50%.,677,3,1,it's a mitigation paper that says that co2 is the primary cause of global warming,,,,,3364,3,2,CO2 linked to GW = endorsement; energy sources linked to CO2 = humans; not strong enough for >50% though,
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1774,2005,Salt Lakes In Australia: Present Problems And Prognosis For The Future,Hydrobiologia,2,4,1802,2,3,,71,2,4,4.1 If a paper merely mentions global climate change or global warming| this is not sufficient to imply anthropogenic global warming,,,,,2103,2,4,Accept 1st rating comment,
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6867,2005,Studies On Life Cycle Assessment Of Sugi Lumber,Journal Of The Faculty Of Agriculture Kyushu University,3,2,1802,2,2,,873,3,3,LCA is mitigation. For me this is borderline implicit/explicit| so better to leave it to third rater,,,,,1439,3,2,LCA is mitigation. Explicit link of sawmill emissions made to GW,
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