Id,Year,Title,Journal,Final Category,Final Endorsement,Rater 1,Category 1,Endorsement 1,Comment 1,Rater 2,Category 2,Endorsement 2,Comment 2,Rater 3,Category 3,Endorsement 3,Comment 3,Tie-break Rater,Tie-break Category,Tie-break Endorsement,Tie-break Comment
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6475,2004,"orages": A Dedicated Sensor For Detection| Localisation And Fine Analysis Of Lightning Flashes From Space,Acta Astronautica,4,4,71,4,4,,1802,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
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6476,2004,Abatement Of Sulfur Hexafluoride Emissions From The Semiconductor Manufacturing Process By Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas,Journal Of The Air & Waste Management Association,3,3,677,3,3,,873,3,3,I agree with endorsement,,,,,,,,,
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6717,2004,Advanced Anodes For High-temperature Fuel Cells,Nature Materials,3,4,1802,8,4,,1439,3,4,CO2 reductions mentioned as benefit| thus climate related.,,,,,2103,3,4,"in terms of mitigating GW",
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6659,2004,An Environmental Perspective Of Lead-free Solder Based On Damage Assessment Of Lcia,Journal Of The Japan Institute Of Metals,3,3,1802,3,3,,1375,3,3,Moved to implicit. Left as mitigation since it fits guideilne C2.2.,,,,,,,,,
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6539,2004,Analysis Of Anions In Hydrofluoro Ethers By Ion Chromatography,Journal Of Chromatography A,3,4,1439,3,4,No mention of AGW or carbon emissions,2103,3,3,,,,,,2178,3,4,Not strong enough for implicit,
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6357,2004,Antigua Revisited: The Impact Of Climate Change On Sand And Nest Temperatures At A Hawksbill Turtle (eretmochelys Imbricata) Nesting Beach,Global Change Biology,2,4,1683,2,4,,873,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
2008,2004,Appropriate Measures For Conservation Of Terrestrial Carbon Stocks - Analysis Of Trends Of Forest Management In Southeast Asia,Forest Ecology And Management,4,3,1802,4,3,,1375,4,4,Left as neutral because it does link to climate| but because of policy reasons| not because of scientific ones. "we also discuss a framework for industrialized countries to invest in carbon credits in the region in order to fulfil their commitments u,,,,,3364,4,3,assessing 'climate beneficial management" , implicitly links C sequestration to climate = implicit,
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6416,2004,Benefits Of Mitigation Of Climate Change For Coastal Areas,Global Environmental Change-human And Policy Dimensions,3,2,71,3,2,,3364,3,2,,,,,,,,,,
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2026,2004,Biomass Energy Technologies For Rural Infrastructure And Village Power - Opportunities And Challenges In The Context Of Global Climate Change Concerns,Energy Policy,3,4,71,3,4,,873,3,4,No cause for global warming mentioned| neutral,,,,,,,,,
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1949,2004,Can Climate Data From Meteosat Improve Wildlife Distribution Models?,Ecography,4,2,1683,4,2,,4194,4,2,,,,,,,,,,
6505,2004,Capture Of Co2 From Combustion Gases In A Fluidized Bed Of Cao,Aiche Journal,3,4,1,3,4,,873,3,4,I do not see any hint of CO2 effect to temperature| so neutral,,,,,,,,,
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2058,2004,Cell Death And Degeneration In The Symbiotic Dinoflagellates Of The Coral Stylophora Pistillata During Bleaching,Marine Ecology-progress Series,2,4,873,2,4,No used search phrases in abstract,1439,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
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1930,2004,Changes In Lagoonal Marsh Morphology At Selected Northeastern Atlantic Coast Sites Of Significance To Migratory Waterbirds,Wetlands,2,4,1683,2,4,,873,2,4,Deals with issues relating to climate change impacts,,,,,,,,,
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1943,2004,Climate Change And The Distribution Of Climatic Resources For Tourism In North America,Climate Research,2,3,71,2,3,,1,2,3,Emission scenarios + 'warmer and wetter' predictions = Implicit Endorsement,,,,,,,,,
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2003,2004,Climate Change Mitigation In Turkey,Energy Sources,3,3,4194,3,4,,1227,3,3,3.1 - links emissions with climate change,,,,,3364,3,3,3.1 = links to climate=implicit,
6609,2004,Climate Change| Genotypic Diversity And Gene Flow In Reef-building Corals,Ecology Letters,2,4,1,2,4,,677,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
1960,2004,Climate Change: Conflict Of Observational Science| Theory| And Politics,Aapg Bulletin,4,5,677,4,6,,1439,4,5,This is in a peer-reviewed journal,1683,9,6,in retrospect this looks like pure opinion,1,4,5,Need to provide justification to classify it as not peer reviewed, otherwise Methods,
6670,2004,Climate Change: Detection And Attribution Of Trends From Long-term Geologic Data,Ecological Modelling,4,5,3364,4,6,"major portion to all 20th century GW could result from natural causes"| predicts cooling trend,873,4,5,I dont think this is explicit. However| it is not defined in our rules| what explicit rejection actually is. I think it is needed that they would say that AGW is not happening but here they leave door open for that,,,,,2178,4,5,'...major portion...', '...could...'. Not enough for explicit.,
6522,2004,Climate Controls On Vegetation Phenological Patterns In Northern Mid- And High Latitudes Inferred From Modis Data,Global Change Biology,2,4,677,2,4,,1439,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
6430,2004,Climate Impact On Plankton Ecosystems In The Northeast Atlantic,Science,2,4,1802,2,4,,873,2,4,No cause for GW mentioned,,,,,,,,,
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6564,2004,Comparative Evaluation Of The Contribution Of Residential Water Heating Systems To The Variation Of Greenhouse Gases Stock In The Atmosphere,Building And Environment,3,3,1,3,3,'contribution of water heating to GW' = Implicit Endorsement,2103,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
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6577,2004,Comparison Of Ecological Effects And Costs Of Communal Waste Management Systems,Resources Conservation And Recycling,3,4,2178,3,3,It refers to GWP| rather than just Global Warming,677,3,4,it doesn't fit 3.1| no link to climate change,,,,,1,3,4,GWP not enough, hence Neutral,
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2048,2004,Coral Reefs In A Century Of Rapid Environmental Change,Symbiosis,2,2,1683,2,2,,1375,2,2,Moved to explicit as it links 'rapid climate change' directly to human cause only.,,,,,,,,,
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6623,2004,Design And Integration Of Multi-scale Structures,Chemical Engineering Science,3,4,1439,3,4,,873,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
6359,2004,Design Of Metal Hydride System As A Bus Air Conditioner,Rare Metal Materials And Engineering,3,4,677,3,3,,873,3,4,Mention of GWP is not endorsement,,,,,1,3,4,GWP only = neutral,
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1955,2004,Predicting The Distribution Of Ground Beetle Species (coleoptera| Carabidae) In Britain Using Land Cover Variables,Journal Of Environmental Management,2,4,677,2,4,,3364,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
2006,2004,Prediction Of A Global Climate Change On Jupiter,Nature,4,4,71,4,4,,1683,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
6414,2004,Probability Distributions| Vulnerability And Sensitivity In Fagus Crenata Forests Following Predicted Climate Changes In Japan,Journal Of Vegetation Science,2,4,677,2,4,,1439,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
2013,2004,Projecting Large-scale Area Changes In Land Use And Land Cover For Terrestrial Carbon Analyses,Environmental Management,3,4,677,2,4,,1439,3,4,Last sentence is clearly Mitigation. talk of seuqestration and climate=Implicit endorsement (3.1),,,,,1,3,4,'mitigate cc' = mitigation,
6584,2004,Prospects For Utilisation Of Solar Driven Ejector-absorption Cooling System In Turkey,Applied Thermal Engineering,3,4,1439,3,4,,3364,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
6478,2004,Provincialism Associated With The Paleocene/eocene Thermal Maximum: Temporal Constraint,Marine Micropaleontology,5,4,1439,5,4,,1,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
6441,2004,Qualitative Assessment Of Methane Emission Inventory From Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Sites: A Case Study,Atmospheric Environment,3,2,4194,4,2,,1439,3,2,Results mentioned C1.2->Mitigation,,,,,1,3,2,Solid waste GHG emissions = Mitigation,
1969,2004,Quantifying The Water Vapour Feedback Associated With Post-pinatubo Global Cooling,Climate Dynamics,2,4,1439,2,4,Borderline implicit endorsement.,3364,4,4,primarily about understanding feedbacks = methods; no AGW or CO2 link stated,,,,,1,2,4,Results = Impacts,
6443,2004,Range Expansion Of Raccoons In The Canadian Prairies: Review Of Hypotheses,Wildlife Society Bulletin,2,4,1683,2,4,,1375,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
6376,2004,Ratcheting Down The Coral Reefs,Bioscience,2,4,1683,2,4,,873,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
6524,2004,Recent Developments In Tube Hydroforming Technology,Tetsu To Hagane-journal Of The Iron And Steel Institute Of Japan,3,2,677,3,3,,71,3,2,All the elements for explicit here. Humans --> GHG emissions. GHG's --> warming. "To meet strong demands for saving fossil fuels and reducing CO2 emissions which cause global warming| automobile industries have recently adopted...",,,,,2103,3,2,As with 1st rating-explicit mention in text,
6635,2004,Recent Spread Of Dracophyllum Scrub On Subantarctic Campbell Island| New Zealand: Climatic Or Anthropogenic Origins?,Journal Of Biogeography,2,4,1439,2,4,,71,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
1984,2004,Reconstructing The Pleistocene Geography Of The Aphelocoma Jays (corvidae),Diversity And Distributions,5,4,677,8,4,,3364,5,4,assume key words indicated GW; species distributions are relevant.,,,,,2103,5,4,"Pleistocene climate reconstructions",
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6429,2004,Reduction Of Global Warming Potential Contribution From A Rice Field By Irrigation| Organic Matter| And Fertilizer Management,Global Biogeochemical Cycles,3,4,1,3,4,,873,3,4,First sentence says that this is mitigation paper,,,,,,,,,
6389,2004,Reduction Of Pfc Emissions To The Environment Through Advances In Cvd And Etch Processes,Ieee Transactions On Semiconductor Manufacturing,3,3,1375,3,4,,4194,3,3,,,,,,2103,3,3,emissions reduction linked to GW,
6388,2004,Reduction Of Semiconductor Process Emissions By Reactive Gas Optimization,Ieee Transactions On Semiconductor Manufacturing,3,4,677,3,3,,3364,3,4,3.1 not linked to climate,,,,,873,3,4,No GHG-GW link,
6332,2004,Regional Climate Simulation For Korea Using Dynamic Downscaling And Statistical Adjustment,Journal Of The Meteorological Society Of Japan,4,3,4194,4,3,,1,4,3,,,,,,,,,,
6328,2004,Regional Structure Of Global Warming Across China During The Twentieth Century,Climate Research,2,4,873,4,4,Deals with climate system itself| so is not impacts -> default category used = methods,71,2,4,C1.2 If a paper... goes on to results| then assign it to whatever the results are relevant to (eg - impacts,,,,,1227,2,4,C1.2 goes on to results,
6578,2004,Relation Between The Global-warming Parameter And The Heat Balance On The Earth's Surface At Increased Contents Of Carbon Dioxide,Izvestiya Atmospheric And Oceanic Physics,4,2,4194,4,2,quantifies in body text,3364,4,2,agree,,,,,,,,,
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1991,2004,Release Of Methane From A Volcanic Basin As A Mechanism For Initial Eocene Global Warming,Nature,5,4,873,5,4,Almost implicit endorsement,1375,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
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6412,2004,Renewable Energy For A Clean And Sustainable Future,Energy Sources,3,4,873,3,4,,1375,3,4,borderline implicit-neutral. On a reread| moved to neutral.,,,,,,,,,
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2009,2004,Risk And Damage Of Southern Pine Beetle Outbreaks Under Global Climate Change,Forest Ecology And Management,2,2,1439,2,2,,1683,2,2,,,,,,,,,,
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2056,2004,Rna/dna Ratios As Indicators Of Metabolic Activity In Four Species Of Caribbean Reef-building Corals,Marine Ecology-progress Series,4,4,4194,4,2,,3364,4,4,no anthro link to climate| 4.1; methods- ok,,,,,2103,4,4,anthro degradation but no GW,
6675,2004,Root Production Is Determined By Radiation Flux In A Temperate Grassland Community,Global Change Biology,2,4,4194,3,4,,3364,2,4,'response of root turnover to a changing climate'= impacts,,,,,2103,2,4,,
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1999,2004,Scenarios For Sea Level On The Finnish Coast,Boreal Environment Research,2,3,4194,4,4,,1375,2,3,impacts due to discussion of sea level rise in Finland. Moved to implicit endorsement due to guideline 3.2 > uses IPCC warming scenarios driven by CO2 = implicit.,,,,,2103,2,3,IPCC scenario & SLR,
6463,2004,Sea Level In Roman Time In The Central Mediterranean And Implications For Recent Change,Earth And Planetary Science Letters,5,3,1683,5,3,,3364,5,3,,,,,,,,,,
1956,2004,Sea Level Rise Affecting The Vietnamese Mekong Delta: Water Elevation In The Flood Season And Implications For Rice Production,Climatic Change,2,4,677,2,4,,1375,2,4,no mention of cause of SLR,,,,,,,,,
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6620,2004,Search Of Optimum Gas Mixture Ratio As Gas Insulating Medium By Genetic Algorithm,Ieee Transactions On Dielectrics And Electrical Insulation,3,4,1375,8,4,,3364,3,4,substitution for SF6 = mitigation,,,,,2103,3,4,SF6 is a GHG,
6651,2004,Seasonal Development Of The Properties And Composition Of Landfast Sea Ice In The Gulf Of Finland| The Baltic Sea,Journal Of Geophysical Research-oceans,4,4,1375,2,4,,3364,4,4,abst doesn't link ice to GW except in last line| just talking about one mild year in GoF,,,,,2103,4,4,,
1983,2004,Seasonal Thermal Signatures Of Heat Transfer By Water Exchange In An Underground Vault,Geophysical Journal International,2,4,1439,2,4,,3364,2,4,preseasons for cave warming; mainly methods,,,,,,,,,
6480,2004,Second Law Analysis Of The Transcritical Co2 Refrigeration Cycle,Energy Conversion And Management,3,3,4194,3,3,,1,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
2010,2004,Seedling Establishment Of A Boreal Tree Species (pinus Sylvestris) At Its Southernmost Distribution Limit: Consequences Of Being In A Marginal Mediterranean Habitat,Journal Of Ecology,4,4,4194,4,4,,71,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
6592,2004,Selective Oxidation Of Ethylhenzene To Styrene With Carbon Dioxide,Progress In Chemistry,3,3,1,3,3,Reducing energy use in styrene production = Mitigation. 'major global warming gas CO2' = Implicit Endorsement,3364,3,3,or not climate related? ; OK- agree,,,,,,,,,
6461,2004,Sensing Of Halocarbons Using Femtosecond Laser-induced Fluorescence,Analytical Chemistry,4,4,1227,4,4,,873,4,4,I agree with methods| but no cause for GW mentioned = neutral,,,,,,,,,
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6523,2004,Short- And Long-term Greenhouse Gas And Radiative Forcing Impacts Of Changing Water Management In Asian Rice Paddies,Global Change Biology,3,4,677,3,4,,1,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
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1968,2004,Simulated Long-term Changes In River Discharge And Soil Moisture Due To Global Warming,Hydrological Sciences Journal-journal Des Sciences Hydrologiques,2,2,1439,2,2,,3364,2,2,,,,,,,,,,
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6689,2004,Simulating Transport Of Non-chernobyl Cs-137 And Sr-90 In The North Atlantic-arctic Region,Journal Of Environmental Radioactivity,4,4,4194,4,4,,873,8,4,I dont think this relates to climate| even if it is mentioned in last sentence,,,,,2103,4,4,Disagree with 1st rating comment. Climate-relatedness is made explicit in last sentence,
6452,2004,Simulation Of Potential Range Expansion Of Oak Disease Caused By Phytophthora Cinnamomi Under Climate Change,Global Change Biology,2,4,1375,2,4,NOT CERTAIN| COULD BE ACCEPTABCE,1683,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
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6548,2004,Soil Physics: A Moroccan Perspective,Journal Of African Earth Sciences,4,4,1802,7,0,,1,4,4,,,,,,3364,4,4,general discusion, including mention of GW=methods,
6394,2004,Soil Respiration Under Prolonged Soil Warming: Are Rate Reductions Caused By Acclimation Or Substrate Loss?,Global Change Biology,2,3,4194,2,3,,3364,2,3,positive feedback between T and CO2 = implicit,,,,,,,,,
6711,2004,Solar Variability And Global Warming: A Statistical Comparison Since 1850,Solar Variability And Climate Change,4,4,677,2,1,,3364,4,3,investigates impact of sun on climate = methods; no mention of anthro = implicit,,,,,2103,4,4,I don't see implicit wording here,
1926,2004,Solving The Climate Problem - Technologies Available To Curb Co2 Emissions,Environment,3,4,873,3,4,Peer-reviewed?,1439,3,4,Skimpy. Peer reviewed?,3364,3,3,definitely peer-reviewed (I added a note on this).; curb CO2 (title) "to minimize climate change" = implicit ,,,,,
6682,2004,Soot Climate Forcing Via Snow And Ice Albedos,Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America,4,1,1683,4,1,,873,4,1,,,,,,,,,,
6532,2004,Southwest Australia Past And Future Rainfall Trends,Climate Research,4,4,1,4,4,No mention of causation or GHGs = Neutral,1683,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
6599,2004,Space Technologies For The Building Sector,Esa Bulletin-european Space Agency,3,3,677,8,4,,1439,3,4,Definitely climate-related. Could be "methods" instead,,,,,3364,3,3,about improving cities = mitigation; "prevention of further man-induced GW" = implicit; 3.1,
2037,2004,Spatial And Temporal Shifts In Stable Isotope Values Of The Bottom-dwelling Shrimp Nauticaris Marionis At The Sub-antarctic Archipelago,Marine Biology,2,4,1683,2,4,,71,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
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2000,2004,Spatiotemporal Influences Of Climate On Altitudinal Treeline In Northern Patagonia,Ecology,2,4,1439,2,4,,4194,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
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6565,2004,Storm Surges From Extra-tropical Cyclones,Natural Hazards,2,4,1683,2,4,,3364,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
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6716,2004,Student Exercises On Fossil Fuels| Global Warming| And Gaia,Computational Science - Iccs 2004| Proceedings,4,4,4194,4,5,,873,4,4,Discusses some feedback hypothesis but doesnt say how it affects AGW = neutral,,,,,2103,4,4,vague abstract,
6381,2004,Study Of The Oh And Cl-initiated Oxidation| Ir Absorption Cross-section| Radiative Forcing| And Global Warming Potential Of Four C-4-hydrofluoroethers,Environmental Science & Technology,3,4,1375,3,4,,71,3,3,Human produced ghg,,,,,3364,3,4,GWP only = neutral,
6456,2004,Sulfur Pollution Suppression Of The Wetland Methane Source In The 20th And 21st Centuries,Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America,2,4,1802,2,4,,1375,2,4,Neutral because it looks at effect of temperature on methane| not methane on temperature.,,,,,,,,,
6466,2004,Summer 2003 Maximum And Minimum Daily Temperatures Over A 3300 M Altitudinal Range In The Alps,Climate Research,2,4,3364,2,4,,1,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
6327,2004,Summer Temperature And Summer Monsoon History On The Tibetan Plateau During The Last 400 Years Recorded By Tree Rings,Geophysical Research Letters,5,3,1683,5,3,GCM impacts as a consequence of GW = implicit,71,5,4,,,,,,2178,5,3,They are starting with an expectation of a local AGW impact and are looking for it. Enough for implicit,
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1977,2004,Tedlar Bag Sampling Technique For Vertical Profiling Of Carbon Dioxide Through The Atmospheric Boundary Layer With High Precision And Accuracy,Environmental Science & Technology,4,3,4194,4,4,,1683,4,3,first sentence = implicit,,,,,1,4,3,Links CO2 to GHGs and climate in first sentence = Implicit,
6589,2004,Temperature Sensitivity Of Nitrogen Productivity For Scots Pine And Norway Spruce,Trees-structure And Function,2,4,4194,4,3,,3364,2,4,"predicted GW" is not an endorsement,,,,,1,2,4,Results = impacts. No causation = neutral,
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6560,2004,The 100 000-yr Cycle In Tropical Sst| Greenhouse Forcing| And Climate Sensitivity,Journal Of Climate,5,3,1227,5,3,,1375,5,3,links CO2 to warmng| but doesn't say anthropogenic,,,,,,,,,
6576,2004,The Angular Distribution Of Uv-b Sky Radiance Under Cloudy Conditions: A Comparison Of Measurements And Radiative Transfer Calculations Using A Fractal Cloud Model,Journal Of Applied Meteorology,4,4,1,4,4,,4194,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
6641,2004,The Atmospheric Response To Realistic Arctic Sea Ice Anomalies In An Agcm During Winter,Journal Of Climate,2,4,1439,2,3,Use of climate model implies anthro GW. Borderline.,3364,2,4,no mention of antho effects; no GHG,,,,,1,2,4,Use of models isn't enough. No causation or GHG = Neutral,
6346,2004,The Changing Ecology Of Temperate Coastal Waters During A Warming Trend,Estuaries,2,4,1439,2,4,,1683,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
6622,2004,The Development Of A Non-fluorocarbon-based Extruded Polystyrene Foam Which Contains A Halogen-free Blowing Agent,Bulletin Of The Chemical Society Of Japan,3,2,71,3,2,,1439,3,2,,,,,,,,,,
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6387,2004,The Effect Of Blowing Agent Choice On Energy Use And Global Warming Impact Of A Refrigerator,International Journal Of Refrigeration-revue Internationale Du Froid,3,4,677,3,4,,4194,3,3,,,,,,1439,3,4,No specific link to climate (GWP doesn't count)->Neutral,
6733,2004,The Effect Of Heat Stress On The Survival Of The Rose Grain Aphid| Metopolophium Dirhodum (hemiptera : Aphididae),European Journal Of Entomology,2,4,1439,2,4,,4194,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
6559,2004,The Effect Of Sea-ice Extent In The North Atlantic On The Stability Of The Thermohaline Circulation In Global Warming Experiments,Climate Dynamics,2,4,1439,2,3,Models| GW scenarios implies endorsement (but weakly),71,2,4,No mention of human influence. - 4.1 If a paper merely mentions global climate change or global warming| this is not sufficient to imply anthropogenic global warming,,,,,2178,2,4,Mention of radiative forcing almost tips it over the edge but not strong enough.,
6676,2004,The Effect On Photochemical Smog Of Converting The Us Fleet Of Gasoline Vehicles To Modern Diesel Vehicles,Geophysical Research Letters,3,3,2103,3,3,modern diesel vehicles encouraged as a way to slow global warming,873,3,4,GHG-GW link too vague,,,,,1683,3,3,diesel to slow GW = implicit,
6449,2004,The Effects Of Climate Change On The Reproduction Of Coastal Invertebrates,Ibis,2,4,677,2,4,,71,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
1966,2004,The Effects Of Infrared Loading And Water Table On Soil Energy Fluxes In Northern Peatlands,Ecosystems,2,4,6319,2,3,Meso-scale ecosystem response to increased IR loading.,3364,2,4,no anthro cause mentioned= 4.1,,,,,2103,2,4,No anthro link,
6352,2004,The Environment And The Eye,Eye,2,4,1439,2,4,,677,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
6349,2004,The Failure Of Eco-efficiency To Guarantee Sustainability: Future Challenges For Industrial Ecology,Environmental Progress,3,3,1439,3,3,,3364,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
6702,2004,The Geographic Distribution Of Potential Risks Posed By Industrial Toxic Emissions In The Us,Journal Of Environmental Science And Health Part A-toxic/hazardous Substances & Environmental Engineering,3,3,1683,3,3,,1375,3,3,mitigation methods. Says it includes effect on global warming (implicit) and mitigation since it is effectively a life cycle analysis.,,,,,,,,,
2036,2004,The Global Stationary Wave Response To Climate Change In A Coupled Gcm,Journal Of Climate,2,4,1375,2,4,,3364,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
1962,2004,The Gypsy Moth Life Stage Model: Landscape-wide Estimates Of Gypsy Moth Establishment Using A Multi-generational Phenology Model,Ecological Modelling,2,4,3591,2,4,,1802,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
6671,2004,The Impact Of Cloud Feedbacks On Arctic Climate Under Greenhouse Forcing,Journal Of Climate,4,3,873,4,3,,2001,4,3,,,,,,,,,,
1939,2004,The Impact Of Global Climate Change On Tropical Forest Biodiversity In Amazonia,Global Ecology And Biogeography,2,3,3364,2,3,CO2 emission scenarios --> climate change = implicit,873,2,4,Almost implicit endorsement,,,,,2178,2,3,References to climate change as 'expected' and use of HADCM2GSa1 makes it implicit,
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6734,2004,The Impact Of Regulations On Automotive Manufacturing,Revue De Metallurgie-cahiers D Informations Techniques,3,2,2103,3,2,,3364,3,2,agree,,,,,,,,,
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