Id,Year,Title,Journal,Final Category,Final Endorsement,Rater 1,Category 1,Endorsement 1,Comment 1,Rater 2,Category 2,Endorsement 2,Comment 2,Rater 3,Category 3,Endorsement 3,Comment 3,Tie-break Rater,Tie-break Category,Tie-break Endorsement,Tie-break Comment
3042,2001,A Biome Classification Of China Based On Plant Functional Types And The Biome3 Model,Folia Geobotanica,4,4,4194,4,4,,1439,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
5430,2001,A Closer Look At United States And Global Surface Temperature Change,Journal Of Geophysical Research-atmospheres,4,4,873,4,4,,1683,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
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5579,2001,A Measurement Of The Quiet Network Contribution To Solar Irradiance Variation,Geophysical Research Letters,4,4,1439,2,4,Worth a second look as a possible skeptic paper. Could be Methods.,873,4,4,At least this is not GW impacts,,,,,3364,4,4,not an impact of GW; agree with neutral,
5514,2001,A Mechanistic Model Of Whole-tract Digestion And Methanogenesis In The Lactating Dairy Cow: Model Development| Evaluation| And Application,Journal Of Animal Science,3,3,873,3,3,,1375,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
5478,2001,A Modeling-gis Approach For Assessing Irrigation Effects On Soil Salinisation Under Global Warming Conditions,Agricultural Water Management,2,4,677,2,4,,873,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5563,2001,A New Co2 Disposal Process Via Artificial Weathering Of Calcium Silicate Accelerated By Acetic Acid,Energy,3,3,1375,3,4,,4194,3,3,,,,,,1,3,3,'counteract GW' = Implicit Endorse,
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5399,2001,A Potential Interaction Between Sea-level Rise And Global Warming: Implications For Coastal Stability On The Mississippi River Deltaic Plain,Global And Planetary Change,2,4,2103,2,4,,1683,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5516,2001,A Search For A Freonless Gas Mixture For Glass Rpc,Ieee Transactions On Nuclear Science,3,4,1439,3,4,,1375,3,4,gwp,,,,,,,,,
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5550,2001,Absence Of Deep-water Formation In The Labrador Sea During The Last Interglacial Period,Nature,5,4,1802,5,4,,677,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
5669,2001,Absorption Processes - Classic Chemical Engineering In Combating Global Warming,Inzynieria Chemiczna I Procesowa,3,3,3364,3,3,,1375,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
5508,2001,Accumulation And Temperature Changes In Princess Elizabeth Land| Antarctica In The Past 250 Years,Progress In Natural Science,2,4,1439,2,4,Results discussed=Impacts,3364,4,4,measurements of T over 250 yrs = methods,,,,,1,2,4,Results = Impacts,
5526,2001,Advanced Materials For Global Carbon Dioxide Recycling,Materials Science And Engineering A-structural Materials Properties Microstructure And Processing,3,2,873,3,2,,677,3,2,,,,,,,,,,
3034,2001,Alkenone Temperature And Carbon Isotope Records: Temporal Resolution| Offsets| And Regionality,Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems,5,4,4194,5,3,,3364,5,4,deriving paleo SST| no mention of cause,,,,,2103,5,4,Don't see anything implicit here,
3052,2001,Amazonian Deforestation: Regional And Global Issues,Amazoniana-limnologia Et Oecologia Regionalis Systemae Fluminis Amazonas,3,3,677,3,3,,4194,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
5398,2001,Ammonia Abatement And Its Impact On Emissions Of Nitrous Oxide And Methane - Part 2: Application For Europe,Atmospheric Environment,3,4,677,3,4,,1802,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
5397,2001,Ammonia Abatement And Its Impact On Emissions Of Nitrous Oxide And Methane In Europeb - Part 1: Method,Atmospheric Environment,3,4,1439,3,4,,1375,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
5595,2001,Amorphous Silicon And Tungsten Etching Employing Environmentally Benign Plasma Process,Japanese Journal Of Applied Physics Part 1-regular Papers Short Notes & Review Papers,3,4,1802,3,4,,3364,3,4,changing an industrial process to eliminate perfluorinated compounds "for preventing global warming",,,,,,,,,
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5611,2001,Annual Methane Emission From Finnish Mires Estimated From Eddy Covariance Campaign Measurements,Theoretical And Applied Climatology,2,4,873,2,4,,3364,2,4,agree,,,,,,,,,
5658,2001,Anomalies And Trends Of Sea-ice Extent And Atmospheric Circulation In The Nordic Seas During The Period 1864-1998,Journal Of Climate,2,4,677,2,4,,3364,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
2957,2001,Anthropogenic Climate Change Shown By Local Wave Conditions In The North Sea,Climate Research,2,2,1802,2,2,,71,2,2,C1.2 // and Endorsement point 1 not met as there is no quantification // C1.2 If a paper describes methods... If it goes on to results| then assign it to whatever the results are relevant,,,,,,,,,
5440,2001,Application Of Ams Radiocarbon In Earth System Science Studies,Journal Of The Korean Physical Society,4,4,3364,4,4,,873,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
5448,2001,Application Of High-pressure Swing Adsorption Process For Improvement Of Co2 Recovery System From Flue Gas,Canadian Journal Of Chemical Engineering,3,4,873,3,4,,3364,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
5544,2001,Application Of The Life Cycle Assessment Methodology To Agricultural Production: An Example Of Sugar Beet Production With Different Forms Of Nitrogen Fertilisers,European Journal Of Agronomy,3,3,1802,2,3,,3364,3,3,LCA is mitigation (looks at impacts of system on the environment| not impact of climate),,,,,1439,3,3,LCA is mitigation (looks at impacts of system on the environment, not impact of climate) Borderline neutral but left previous Implicit Endorsement ratings unchanged.,
5394,2001,Applying A Gas Mixture Containing C-c4f8 As An Insulation Medium,Ieee Transactions On Dielectrics And Electrical Insulation,3,4,677,3,4,,3083,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
5618,2001,Archeological Evidence Of Pacific Salmon Distribution In Northern Japan And Implications For Future Global Warming,Progress In Oceanography,2,4,3364,2,4,,677,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
3020,2001,Arctic Sea Ice Thickness Remained Constant During The 1990s,Geophysical Research Letters,2,4,873,2,4,,1,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
3010,2001,Are Phragmites-dominated Wetlands A Net Source Or Net Sink Of Greenhouse Gases?,Aquatic Botany,2,3,1439,2,3,Results=Impacts (or mitigation); Clear link between emissions and GW but not explicit,3364,4,3,impact of wetlands on climate| not an impact of climate| so not 'impacts'; not mitigation because no indication of manipulation to change sequestration/emissions; implicit ok: links CH4| CO2 to warming.,,,,,1,2,3,Impact is impact,
3051,2001,Assimilation Of Satellite Altimetry Into A Western North Pacific Operational Model,Advances In Atmospheric Sciences,4,4,4194,4,4,,677,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
5414,2001,Atlantic Thermohaline Circulation And Its Response To Increasing Co2 In A Coupled Atmosphere-ocean Model,Geophysical Research Letters,2,3,4194,2,3,,1683,2,3,,,,,,,,,,
5507,2001,Atmospheric Absorption Of Near Infrared And Visible Solar Radiation By The Hydrogen Bonded Water Dimer,Quarterly Journal Of The Royal Meteorological Society,4,4,4194,4,4,,873,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
5482,2001,Atmospheric Degradation And Global Warming Potentials Of Three Perfluoroalkenes,Atmospheric Environment,3,4,677,3,4,,3364,3,4,agree,,,,,,,,,
5512,2001,Atmospheric Methyl Iodide: High Correlation With Surface Seawater Temperature And Its Implications On The Sea-to-air Flux,Journal Of Geophysical Research-atmospheres,2,4,1227,2,4,,3364,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5496,2001,Background Monitoring And Long-range Transport Of Atmospheric Cfc-11 And Cfc-12 At Kosan| Korea,Environmental Monitoring And Assessment,4,3,1802,4,3,,6319,4,3,,,,,,,,,,
5570,2001,Biogeophysical Versus Biogeochemical Feedbacks Of Large-scale Land Cover Change,Geophysical Research Letters,4,3,4194,4,3,,1375,2,3,Borderline methods/impacts,,,,,1439,4,3,Few quantitative results mentioned in abstract -> lean to "methods",
5524,2001,Bird Migration: A Novel Theory For The Evolution| The Control And The Adaptability Of Bird Migration,Journal Fur Ornithologie,2,4,677,2,4,,4194,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5497,2001,Bleaching And Recovery Of Five Eastern Pacific Corals In An El Nino-related Temperature Experiment,Bulletin Of Marine Science,2,4,3364,2,4,,4194,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5623,2001,C-14 Dating Of Peat And Delta O-18-delta D In Ground Ice From Northwest Siberia,Radiocarbon,5,4,1439,5,4,,873,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
5388,2001,Carbon Sequestration And Land Management Under Uncertainty,European Journal Of Operational Research,3,3,1439,3,3,,1,3,3,'role of forestry and land-use change in mitigating global warming' + reference to carbon uptake = Implicit Endorsement,,,,,,,,,
2986,2001,Carbon Sequestration: An Option For Mitigating Global Climate Change,Chemical Engineering Progress,3,4,4194,3,2,no abstract - assumed to be Kane and Klein,677,3,4,no abstract,,,,,3364,3,4,no link to climate = neutral,
5392,2001,Carbon Stock Assessment Of Two Agroforestry Systems In A Tropical Forest Reserve In The Philippines,Philippine Agricultural Scientist,3,2,677,3,3,,4194,4,2,,,,,,751,3,2,CO2 is the most abundant greenhouse gas that causes global warming,
5490,2001,Carbon Stock| Afforestation And Acidic Deposition: An Analysis Of Inter-relation With Reference To Arid Areas,Water Air And Soil Pollution,3,4,873,3,4,,4194,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
5515,2001,Causes And Extent Of Declines Among Native North American Invertebrate Pollinators: Detection| Evidence| And Consequences,Conservation Ecology,2,4,873,2,4,,1439,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5519,2001,Central European Vegetation Response To Abrupt Climate Change At 8.2 Ka,Geology,5,4,1683,5,4,,3364,5,4,not 3.3; no mention of CO2,,,,,,,,,
5575,2001,Ceramic Fuel Cells To Replace Metal Burners,Journal Of Materials Science,3,3,2103,3,3,,1439,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
5599,2001,Cfd Modelling And Experimental Investigation Of An Ejector Refrigeration System Using Methanol As The Working Fluid,International Journal Of Energy Research,4,3,1375,3,3,,1439,3,4,Does not mention AGW or carbon emisions,,,,,2103,4,3,"enviro-friendly refrigerant that does not contribute to GW",
5620,2001,Challenges In Developing Environmentally Safe Heat Pumping Systems,Strojniski Vestnik-journal Of Mechanical Engineering,3,4,1802,3,4,,1439,3,4,No AGW or CO2 effect mentioned,,,,,,,,,
5391,2001,Change Of Fire Frequency In The Eastern Canadian Boreal Forests During The Holocene: Does Vegetation Composition Or Climate Trigger The Fire Regime?,Journal Of Ecology,5,4,1375,2,4,,3364,5,4,last 2000 yrs = paleo,,,,,1683,5,4,paleo trumps impacts,
3037,2001,Changes In Daily And Nightly Day-to-day Temperature Variability During The Twentieth Century For Two Stations In Switzerland,Theoretical And Applied Climatology,4,4,873,4,4,Deals with climate system itself (I dont think impacts category is for climate impact on climate) = methods,677,2,4,show results| it's impact,,,,,2103,4,4,Methods seems a better fit,
5572,2001,Changes In The Onset Of Spring In The Western United States,Bulletin Of The American Meteorological Society,2,4,873,2,4,,71,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5582,2001,Characteristics And Performance Of A Deep-ocean Disposal System For Low-purity Co2 Gas Via Gas Lift Effect,Energy & Fuels,3,3,1439,3,3,,4194,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
5503,2001,Characterization Of Iodoheptafluoropropane As A Dielectric Etchant. Iii. Effluent Analysis,Journal Of Vacuum Science & Technology B,3,4,1439,3,4,,873,3,3,I take reductions in global warming emissions as endorsement,3364,3,4,3.4| 4.2; iodoheptafluoropropane is related to CFCs; and Yes: it's peer reviewed; ,,,,,
5565,2001,Chinese Life Cycle Impact Assessments Factors,Journal Of Environmental Sciences-china,4,4,1683,4,4,,4194,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
3029,2001,Climate Analysis Of Endemic Species - A Novel Method For Quantitative Analysis Of Global Climate Change Since Tertiary,Acta Botanica Sinica,5,4,1,5,4,,4194,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
5551,2001,Climate And Ozone Response To Increased Stratospheric Water Vapor,Geophysical Research Letters,4,3,677,2,4,,873,4,3,In addition to impacts| deals also with climate system itself = methods,,,,,2103,4,3,,
5455,2001,Climate Change And Site: Relevant Mechanisms And Modeling Techniques,Forest Ecology And Management,4,4,3364,4,4,,1439,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
2975,2001,Climate Change And Trend Detection In Selected Rivers Within The Asia-pacific Region,Water International,4,4,4194,4,4,,3364,4,4,ok,,,,,,,,,
3013,2001,Climate Change Effects On Vegetation Distribution And Carbon Budget In The United States,Ecosystems,2,4,677,2,2,,3364,2,4,'future scenarios'| 'Kyoto'| modeling| but no direct mention of anthro effects; so I prefer the conservative neutral rating,,,,,2103,2,4,50/50 between neutral/implicit,
5608,2001,Climate Changes In Northern China Since The Late Pleistocene And Its Response To Global Change,Quaternary International,5,4,873,5,4,,1439,5,4,,3364,5,4,,1,5,4,,
5661,2001,Climate Model Simulations Of Effects Of Increased Atmospheric Co2 And Loss Of Sea Ice On Ocean Salinity And Tracer Uptake,Journal Of Climate,2,2,1439,2,2,,2001,2,2,,,,,,,,,,
2992,2001,Climate-driven Range Expansion And Morphological Evolution In A Marine Gastropod,Science,5,4,873,5,4,Could also be impacts,2103,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
5566,2001,Climatic Perspectives On Sahelian Desiccation: 1973-1998,Global Environmental Change-human And Policy Dimensions,2,4,1375,2,4,,677,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5474,2001,Climatological Thresholds Of Daily Rainfall,Journal Of Hydrologic Engineering,2,4,1439,2,4,,873,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5504,2001,Climber-2: A Climate System Model Of Intermediate Complexity. Part Ii: Model Sensitivity,Climate Dynamics,4,3,677,4,3,,1683,4,3,,,,,,,,,,
2999,2001,Closing Of The Indonesian Seaway As A Precursor To East African Aridircation Around 3-4 Million Years Ago,Nature,5,4,1802,5,4,,71,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
5489,2001,Co2 Enrichment Increases Water-use Efficiency In Sorghum,New Phytologist,2,4,4194,2,4,,873,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5604,2001,Coastal Management And Sea-level Rise,Catena,2,4,1802,3,4,,71,2,4,This is not a mitigation paper: "C2.1 Explores ways to reduce CO2 emissions or sequester CO2 from the atmosphere". Paper does none of this. Impacts.,,,,,1439,2,4,Impacts of sea level rise,
2951,2001,Coherent Patterns Of Ice-rafted Debris Deposits In The Nordic Regions During The Last Glacial (10-60 Ka),Earth And Planetary Science Letters,5,4,1802,5,4,,873,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
5434,2001,Collapse And Reorganisation Of The Southern Ocean Overturning Under Global Warming In A Coupled Model,Geophysical Research Letters,2,2,2178,2,1,,3364,2,2,"long term behavior under GW scenario" = impact,,,,,1,2,2,No quantification,
5545,2001,Comments On The Process And Product Of The Health Impacts Assessment Component Of The National Assessment Of The Potential Consequences Of Climate Variability And Change For The United States,Environmental Health Perspectives,2,4,1227,2,4,,1439,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5417,2001,Community Persistence Among Stream Invertebrates Tracks The North Atlantic Oscillation,Journal Of Animal Ecology,2,4,677,2,4,,873,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5457,2001,Comparative Vessel Anatomy Of Arctic Deciduous And Evergreen Dicots,American Journal Of Botany,2,4,1802,2,4,,677,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5609,2001,Comparing Intensive| Extensified And Organic Grassland Farming In Southern Germany By Process Life Cycle Assessment,Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment,3,4,677,3,3,,873,3,4,Mention of GWP in LCA is neutral,,,,,2103,3,4,LCA mention only,
5411,2001,Comparison Of Climate Change Scenarios For Sweden Based On Statistical And Dynamical Downscaling Of Monthly Precipitation,Climate Research,4,3,4194,4,2,,3083,4,3,,,,,,1,4,3,Doesn't explicitly say humans are emitting GHGs, hence Implicit,
5459,2001,Competitive Interactions Between Tree Species In New Zealand's Old-growth Indigenous Forests,Ecology,2,4,3364,2,4,,1375,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5561,2001,Complex Ecologic-economic Dynamics And Environmental Policy,Ecological Economics,3,4,873,3,4,Environmental policies relate to mitigation,3364,4,4,ecologic-ecominic models = methods,,,,,2103,3,4,policy implications,
5521,2001,Composite Surface Temperature History From Simultaneous Inversion Of Borehole Temperatures In Western Canadian Plains,Global And Planetary Change,5,4,1375,4,4,,1439,5,4,Results C1.2,,,,,1683,5,4,tree rings,
5435,2001,Constraint To Adaptive Evolution In Response To Global Warming,Science,2,4,1802,2,4,,873,2,4,Adaptive evolution in response to GW = impacts,,,,,,,,,
3044,2001,Continuous Late Quaternary Proxy Climate Records From Loess In Beringia,Quaternary Science Reviews,5,4,1683,5,4,,1375,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
5648,2001,Control Of Black Carbon| The Most Effective Means Of Slowing Global Warming,Computational Science -- Iccs 200| Proceedings Pt 2,3,3,3364,3,3,,1845,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
5393,2001,Coordination And Route Optimization Of Agricultural Goods Transport To Attenuate Environmental Impact,Journal Of Agricultural Engineering Research,3,3,677,3,4,,1227,3,3,"transport intensification... contributing to... global warming",,,,,1683,3,3,trasport causing GW = implicit,
5573,2001,Coral Bleaching: The Winners And The Losers,Ecology Letters,2,4,677,2,4,,873,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5428,2001,Cost-effective Reductions Of Non-co2 Greenhouse Gases,Energy Policy,3,3,677,3,3,,4194,3,2,,,,,,2103,3,3,,
5568,2001,Development Of Environmentally-conscious Steel Products At The Nippon Steel Corporation,Materials & Design,3,3,1683,3,3,,1439,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
5636,2001,Did The Antarctic Ice Sheets Expand During The Early Pliocene?,Geology,5,4,3364,5,4,,1439,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
3008,2001,Digital Ecological Model And Case Study On China Water Condition,Ecological Modelling,4,4,4194,4,4,,677,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
5632,2001,Distribution Of Slushflows In Northern Europe And Their Potential Change Due To Global Warming,Annals Of Glaciology| Vol 32| 2001,2,4,1375,2,4,,1683,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
3025,2001,Does The Fresh Water Supply From The Amur River Flowing Into The Sea Of Okhotsk Affect Sea Ice Formation?,Journal Of The Meteorological Society Of Japan,4,4,4194,4,4,,873,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
5607,2001,Domoic Acid: A Fascinating Marine Toxin,Environmental Toxicology And Pharmacology,2,4,71,2,4,,873,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
3021,2001,Downscaling Of Greenhouse Gas Induced Climate Change In Two Gcms With The Rossby Centre Regional Climate Model For Northern Europe,Tellus Series A-dynamic Meteorology And Oceanography,4,4,677,2,4,,873,4,4,Deals with climate system itself = methods,,,,,2103,4,4,Agree with 1st rating. This is methods,
5559,2001,Drought And The Consequences Of El Nino In Borneo: A Case Study Of Figs,Population Ecology,2,4,1,2,4,,1683,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
2977,2001,Dynamic Responses Of African Ecosystem Carbon Cycling To Climate Change,Climate Research,2,3,873,2,3,First sentence suggests that CO2 affects climate which is why this is endorsement,3364,2,4,no anthro mention,,,,,71,2,3,"Feedback" - climate affects CO2 AND CO2 affects climate,
5567,2001,Earlier Plant Flowering In Spring As A Response To Global Warming In The Washington| Dc| Area,Biodiversity And Conservation,2,4,1375,2,4,,1802,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5525,2001,Economic Feasibility Of Co-producing Bioethanol And Glycerol From Grain And Cane Molasses Fermentations,International Sugar Journal,3,3,1,3,3,,677,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
3011,2001,Economic Implications Of Potential Enso Frequency And Strength Shifts,Climatic Change,2,4,1,2,4,,873,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5621,2001,Effect Of Carvacrol And Thymol On Odor Emissions From Livestock Wastes,Water Science And Technology,3,4,677,8,4,,1802,3,3," warming gases...",,,,,1439,3,4,Borderline, but "including global warming gases" is a little short of the 3.1 criterion, I think.,
3009,2001,Effect Of Climatic Gradients On The Photosynthetic Responses Of Four Phragmites Australis Populations,Aquatic Botany,2,4,1,2,4,This study goes onto find results| therefore Impacts paper,1802,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5533,2001,Effect Of Nitrogen Plasma Conditions On Electrical Properties Of Silicon Oxynitrided Thin Films For Flash Memory Applications,Thin Solid Films,3,4,1802,8,0,,3364,3,4,'without use of GW gases' = mitigation ,,,,,873,3,4,Clearly a mitigation study. Use of global warming gases is quite close to implicit endorsement,
5471,2001,Effect Of O-2(co2)/c4f8o Gas Combinations On Global Warming Gas Emission In Silicon Nitride Pecvd Plasma Cleaning,Surface & Coatings Technology,3,3,3364,3,3,ok,873,3,3,Endorsement rating is from title which suggests implicit endorsement,,,,,,,,,
2996,2001,Effect Of The 1997-1998 Enso-related Drought On Hydrology And Salinity In A Micronesian Wetland Complex,Estuaries,2,4,1439,2,4,,2103,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
2988,2001,Effects Of Climatic Change On A Water Dependent Regional Economy: A Study Of The Texas Edwards Aquifer,Climatic Change,2,4,3364,2,4,,1439,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5413,2001,Effects Of Glacial Meltwater In The Giss Coupled Atmosphere Ocean Model - 1. North Atlantic Deep Water Response,Journal Of Geophysical Research-atmospheres,2,3,4194,4,4,education,3364,2,3,looking at effects (title)= impacts,,,,,2103,2,3,,
3018,2001,Effects Of Global Climate Change On Coastal Salt Marshes,Ecological Modelling,2,4,1375,2,4,,1227,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
2965,2001,Effects Of Global Climate Change On Geographic Distributions Of Mexican Cracidae,Ecological Modelling,2,4,3364,2,4,,1439,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5587,2001,Effects Of Simulated Climate Change On The Hydrology Of Major River Basins,Journal Of Geophysical Research-atmospheres,2,4,1439,2,4,,1375,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5401,2001,Effects Of Stabilizing Atmospheric Co(2) On Global Climate In The Next Two Centuries,Geophysical Research Letters,4,3,1227,3,3,,873,4,3,Relates to mitigation but deals more with climate system itself| so is better as methods,,,,,3364,4,3,about effects of mitigation on climate = methods,
5450,2001,Emerging Paradigms For Water Management In The 21st Century - Lecture Enzo Levi 2000,Ingenieria Hidraulica En Mexico,2,4,1375,2,4,peer reviewed?,3364,2,4,agree,,,,,,,,,
5472,2001,Emissions Of Ammonia| Nitrous Oxide And Methane From Different Types Of Dairy Manure During Storage As Affected By Dietary Protein Content,Journal Of Agricultural Science,3,4,677,3,4,,1439,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
5431,2001,Emissions Of Greenhouse Gases And Other Airborne Pollutants From Charcoal Making In Kenya And Brazil,Journal Of Geophysical Research-atmospheres,3,3,3083,3,3,,1439,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
5408,2001,Emissions Of Greenhouse Gases From The Tropical Hydroelectric Reservoir Of Petit Saut (french Guiana) Compared With Emissions From Thermal Alternatives,Global Biogeochemical Cycles,4,3,4194,4,2,,873,4,3,No explicit mention of human role,,,,,1,4,3,Doesn't explicitly link humans = Implicit,
5437,2001,Energy Accounting And Well-being - Examining Uk Organic And Conventional Farming Systems Through A Human Energy Perspective,Agricultural Systems,3,4,873,3,4,,677,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
5613,2001,Energy And Water Balance Studies Of A Snow Cover During Snowmelt Period At A High Arctic Site,Theoretical And Applied Climatology,4,4,2103,4,4,,3364,4,4,agree,,,,,,,,,
5463,2001,Energy For The New Millennium,Ambio,3,4,4194,3,2,,71,3,3,A REALLY weak endorsement. "Energy" contributes to GW. No mention of fossil fuels or GHG's. Might even suggest Neutral ,,,,,3364,3,4,too weak for endorsement=neutral,
5416,2001,Ensemble Simulation Of Twenty-first Century Climate Changes: Business-as-usual Versus Co2 Stabilization,Bulletin Of The American Meteorological Society,4,3,1802,4,3,,873,4,3,I do not see explicit mention here and also not quantification,,,,,,,,,
5538,2001,Enso-monsoon Relationships In A Greenhouse Warming Scenario,Geophysical Research Letters,2,3,873,2,3,Difficult: impacts vs. methods & neutral vs. implicit,1439,2,3,,,,,,,,,,
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5460,2001,P Rho Tx Measurements For Gas-phase Pentafluoroethane Plus Propane Mixtures By The Burnett Method,Journal Of Chemical And Engineering Data,3,4,4194,3,4,,1683,3,0,,,,,,1,3,4,GWP only = neutral,
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5513,2001,Paleobotanical Evidence For Near Present-day Levels Of Atmospheric Co2 During Part Of The Tertiary,Science,5,4,873,5,4,Almost implicit endorsement,3364,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
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5461,2001,Phenology Is A Major Determinant Of Tree Species Range,Ecology Letters,2,4,3364,2,4,,1,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5506,2001,Photoperiodic Response To Early Hatching In A Migratory Bird Species,Oecologia,2,4,3364,2,4,,873,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
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5469,2001,Plasma Reforming And Coupling Of Methane With Carbon Dioxide,Energy & Fuels,3,3,1683,3,3,,873,3,3,Emission reductions are mentioned so this can be considered as mitigation paper,,,,,,,,,
5488,2001,Polylactides: Properties And Prospects Of An Environmentally Benign Plastic From Renewable Resources,Macromolecular Symposia,3,2,4194,3,2,,1,3,2,,,,,,,,,,
5439,2001,Pore Structure Of Sheared Coals And Related Coalbed Methane,Environmental Geology,3,3,1,3,3,Methane causing GW = Implicit Endorsement. Paper examines methods of shearing coal seams with less emissions = Mitigation,2103,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
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5583,2001,Potential Impact Of Climate Change On Marine Export Production,Global Biogeochemical Cycles,2,3,3364,2,3,agree,71,2,3,2.2 no mention of human source of ghg,,,,,,,,,
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5558,2001,Process And Environmental Benefits With Solvent-free Stripping,Solid State Technology,3,4,677,3,3,,1439,3,4,Not CO2,,,,,873,3,4,GHG-GW link too vague,
5543,2001,Productivity Of Trifolium Subterraneum And Phalaris Aquatica Under Warmer| High Co2 Conditions,New Phytologist,2,3,1,2,3,,3364,2,3,,,,,,,,,,
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5650,2001,Renewable Energy: Power For A Sustainable Future,Energy Exploration & Exploitation,3,3,3364,3,3,"GW is setting in... unless drastic measures are taken" = implicit,873,3,4,But link to GHGs is not quite there,,,,,1439,3,3,Limiting CO2 emissions and drastic action to prevent climate change is implicit endorsement,
5643,2001,Renewable Methane From Anaerobic Digestion Of Biomass,Renewable Energy,3,3,1,3,3,,3364,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
3038,2001,Respiration Of Recently-fixed Plant Carbon Dominates Mid-winter Ecosystem Co2 Production In Sub-arctic Heath Tundra,Climatic Change,2,3,1,2,3,,1375,2,3,,,,,,,,,,
5541,2001,Response Of Alpine Chironomid Communities (lake Chuna| Kola Peninsula| Northwestern Russia) To Atmospheric Contamination,Journal Of Paleolimnology,2,4,873,2,4,I agree with impacts,3364,2,4,'decreases in taxa can be explained by GW' = impacts,,,,,,,,,
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2969,2001,Science And Precaution In The Appraisal Of Electricity Supply Options,Journal Of Hazardous Materials,3,4,1375,3,4,,2103,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
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5485,2001,Seasonal Variation In Territory Occupancy Of Non-breeding Long-billed Curlews In Intertidal Habitats,Waterbirds,2,4,4194,2,4,,3364,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5593,2001,Short-term Volume Changes Of The Greenland Ice Sheet In Response To Doubled Co2 Conditions,Tellus Series B-chemical And Physical Meteorology,4,3,1,4,3,,3364,4,3,,,,,,,,,,
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5657,2001,Southern Hemisphere Atmospheric Circulation Response To Global Warming,Journal Of Climate,4,3,4194,4,4,,71,4,3,They are forcing the GCM with "anthropogenic global warming"; 3.2 Climate modelling papers that talks about emission scenarios and subsequent warming or other climate impacts from increased CO2 in the abstract implicitly endorse that GHGs cause warmi,,,,,2103,4,3,As per 1st rating,
5470,2001,Spatial And Seasonal Variations Of Q(10) Determined By Soil Respiration Measurements At A Sierra Nevadan Forest,Global Biogeochemical Cycles,2,4,1683,2,3,accepts future GW as given = implicit,1,2,4,Examines soil CO2 flux response to temp but not the other way around| therefore Neutral,,,,,1439,2,4,Examines soil CO2 flux response to temp but not the other way around, therefore Neutral,
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5612,2001,Surface Energy- And Water Balance In A High-arctic Environment In Ne Greenland,Theoretical And Applied Climatology,4,4,1802,4,4,,1375,4,4,Agreed that focus is on testing method. Moved.,,,,,,,,,
5495,2001,Surface Measurements Of Global Warming Causing Atmospheric Constituents In Korea,Environmental Monitoring And Assessment,4,3,1375,2,4,,4194,4,2,,,,,,3364,4,3,links CO2 to GW, no anthro link; techniques & measurements = methods,
5441,2001,Survival And Development Of Aedes Aegypti And Aedes Albopictus (diptera : Culicidae) Larvae Under A Seasonally Changing Environment In Nagasaki| Japan,Environmental Entomology,2,4,3364,2,4,,1,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
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3002,2001,Synthesis And Analysis Of Biomass And Net Primary Productivity In Chinese Forests,Annals Of Forest Science,2,4,1439,2,4,,1375,2,4,Moved to impacts as it discusses Chinese results| but appears to be largely methods,,,,,,,,,
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2990,2001,The Compositions| Sources| And Size Distribution Of The Dust Storm From China In Spring Of 2000 And Its Impact On The Global Environment,Chinese Science Bulletin,2,4,677,8,4,,1439,2,4,Dust storms| global climate....,,,,,1683,2,4,climate change impacts discussed,
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5547,2001,The Potential Impacts Of Climate Variability And Change On Health Impacts Of Extreme Weather Events In The United States,Environmental Health Perspectives,2,4,1375,2,3,USES GLOBAL GCM FORECASTS LINKING AGW TO IMPACTS,873,2,4,I disagree| AGW is not mentioned here even implicitly| theres no cause for GW mentioned = neutral,,,,,3364,2,4,"future scenarios" doesn't mean GCMs, could refer to scenarios from anywhere; no mention of cause of GW = neutral,
5546,2001,The Potential Impacts Of Climate Variability And Change On Temperature-related Morbidity And Mortality In The United States,Environmental Health Perspectives,2,4,1,2,4,No mention of causation or emissions| hence Neutral,1683,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
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5402,2001,The Science Of Global Warming,Interdisciplinary Science Reviews,2,2,677,2,1,,1,2,2,Doesn't quantify as >50%| hence Implicit Endorsement,,,,,2103,2,2,No quantification,
3012,2001,The Sensitivity Of Australian Fire Danger To Climate Change,Climatic Change,2,3,1439,2,3,,1375,2,3,Left as implicit due to guideline 3.1 "Climate modelling papers that talks about emission scenarios and subsequent warming or other climate impacts from increased CO2 in the abstract implicitly endorse that GHGs cause warming".,,,,,,,,,
5486,2001,The Source And Abatement Of Nitrous Oxide Emissions Produced From The Aerobic Treatment Of Pig Slurry To Remove Surplus Nitrogen,Environmental Technology,3,3,1802,3,2,,1375,3,3,Links human activity to warming| but not as main cause... analogy with guideline 3.1,,,,,1439,3,3,Links human activity to warming, but not as main cause... analogy with guideline 3.1,
5628,2001,The Surface Radiative Forcing Of Nitric Acid For Northern Mid-latitudes,Atmospheric Environment,4,4,1,4,4,non-co2,873,4,4,Almost implicit endorsement,,,,,,,,,
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5537,2001,Trends In Upper-tropospheric Humidity,Geophysical Research Letters,2,2,4194,4,2,,1439,2,3,Observations discussed| no explicit endoresement,,,,,2103,2,2,amplify global warming induced by anthro GHG's,
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2963,2001,Uncertainty In Estimating And Mitigating Industrial Related Ghg Emissions,Energy Policy,3,3,71,3,2,I think it is strong enough. If the hesitation is "human activities": "the industrial sector contributes about 29 percent to the total greenhouse gas emissions divided between industrial processes and energy requirements at 12 and 17 percent| respect,3364,3,3,not quite strong enough for explicit.,,,,,873,3,3,No explicit mention of human role, its not a question of strength, its the need of having it explicitly mentioned,
5405,2001,Uncorking The Bottle: What Triggered The Paleocene/eocene Thermal Maximum Methane Release?,Paleoceanography,5,4,1439,5,4,,3364,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
5438,2001,Understanding And Managing The Risks To Health And Environment From Global Atmospheric Change: A Synthesis,Human And Ecological Risk Assessment,4,2,1683,4,2,,1375,4,2,peer reviewed? For now moved to methods| as it focuses on uncertainty and decision methods.,,,,,,,,,
5635,2001,United States Experience With Gasoline Additives,Energy Policy,3,4,4194,3,3,,3364,3,4,"with GW & other issues| H2 will substitute gasoline"| not strong enough for endorsement,,,,,2103,3,4,insufficient for implicit,
5454,2001,Updated Radiative Forcing Estimates Of 65 Halocarbons And Nonmethane Hydrocarbons,Journal Of Geophysical Research-atmospheres,4,3,4194,4,3,65 new GHGs !,1439,4,4,No mention of carbon emissions or AGW.,,,,,2178,4,3,Many of these substances are of Anthropogenic origin and they are using RTC's to evaluate them - same as for main GHG's. So Implicit,
5581,2001,Us Gulf Coast Vegetation Dynamics During The Latest Palaeocene,Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology,5,4,1683,5,4,,4194,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
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5654,2001,Use Of A Novel Nitrification Inhibitor To Reduce Nitrous Oxide Emission From N-15-labelled Dairy Slurry Injected Into Soil,Rapid Communications In Mass Spectrometry,3,3,873,3,3,I agree with endorsement,71,3,3,Global warming due to GHG,,,,,,,,,
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5530,2001,Verification: The Gorilla In The Struggle To Slow Global Warming,Forestry Chronicle,3,4,873,3,4,,1,3,4,,,,,,,,,,
5436,2001,Warm Tropical Sea Surface Temperatures In The Late Cretaceous And Eocene Epochs,Nature,5,3,4194,5,4,,1439,5,3,Links CO2 to past climate -->Implicit (3.3),,,,,2103,5,3,agree with 1st rating,
5590,2001,Warmer Springs Disrupt The Synchrony Of Oak And Winter Moth Phenology,Proceedings Of The Royal Society Of London Series B-biological Sciences,2,4,677,2,4,,3364,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5464,2001,Warming And Structural Changes In The East(japan) Sea: A Clue To Future Changes In Global Oceans?,Geophysical Research Letters,2,4,1375,2,4,,1227,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5637,2001,Warming Asymmetry In Climate Change Simulations,Geophysical Research Letters,2,4,873,4,4,Deals with climate system itself = methods. Theres a conflict in the rating rules because basic climate science papers are not impacts/mitigation/paleo| so default is used and methods is default,1375,2,4,From C1.2 "If it goes on to results| then assign it to whatever the results are relevant to (eg - impacts/mitigation/paleoclimate)". This abstract discusses results.,,,,,1,2,4,Results = impacts,
5505,2001,Water Temperature And Phytophenology Indicate The Earlier Onset Of Oviposition In Eurasian Dipper (cinclus Cinclus) From The Swiss Lowlands,Journal Fur Ornithologie,2,4,677,2,4,,1439,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
5651,2001,Why Is The Climate Forcing Of Sulfate Aerosols So Uncertain?,Advances In Atmospheric Sciences,4,4,4194,4,6,,1802,4,4,Addresses uncertainty| but does it really minimize?,,,,,1439,4,4,One antropogenic influence may counteract another. This is not a minimization of the veracity of the principle that anthropogenic emissions affect climate,