Id,Year,Title,Journal,Final Category,Final Endorsement,Rater 1,Category 1,Endorsement 1,Comment 1,Rater 2,Category 2,Endorsement 2,Comment 2,Rater 3,Category 3,Endorsement 3,Comment 3,Tie-break Rater,Tie-break Category,Tie-break Endorsement,Tie-break Comment
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4407,1995,Carbonyl Sulfide - No Remedy For Global Warming,Geophysical Research Letters,3,4,4194,3,2,,3364,3,4,no attribution of doubled CO2| GW,,,,,1439,3,4,Anthropogenic emissions not explicitly stated, so Neutral, but borderline Implicit endorsement ,
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4453,1995,Comparison Of 5 Wheat Simulation-models In Southern Alberta,Canadian Journal Of Plant Science,2,3,677,2,3,,1375,2,3,,,,,,,,,,
4442,1995,Comparison Of Chemical Solvents For Mitigating Co2 Emissions From Coal-fired Power-plants,Heat Recovery Systems & Chp,3,2,2178,3,3,,873,3,2,CO2 produced from burning fossil fuels is major contributor - explicit,,,,,1,3,2,Fossil fuel emissions -> GHGs -> global warming = Explicit endorse,
4448,1995,Contaminants Affecting The Arctic Climate| And The Role Of The Oceans,Science Of The Total Environment,2,3,1,4,3,,677,2,3,It doesn't explicitly say it's anthropogenic,,,,,1439,2,3,No focus on harm reduction, therefore Impacts,
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4330,1995,Curbing Coastal Erosion - Example Of Udvada (south Gujarat),National Academy Science Letters-india,2,3,873,2,3,,1375,2,3,peer reviewed?,3364,2,4,too weak for endorsement,,,,,
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4475,1995,Development Of Microcellular Open Cell Rigid Polyurethane Foams,Journal Of Cellular Plastics,3,3,677,3,4,,1,3,3,Mitigation + threat of GW = implicit endorse,,,,,2103,3,3,Endorsement in 1st sentence,
4296,1995,Documenting And Detecting Long-term Precipitation Trends: Where We Are And What Should Be Done,Climatic Change,2,4,3364,4,4,how to document/detect trends = methods,873,2,4,From GW point of view precipitation trends are impacts,,,,,2103,2,4,could have gone either way,
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4364,1995,Ecosystem Driven By Otec And Oceanic High Mineral-water - Otohime Project,Energy Conversion And Management,3,3,873,3,4,Why not? If sun causes global warming and we start to dump aerosols to atmosphere| isnt that mitigation?,1,3,3,The reference to 'global warming' makes it implicit endorsement - we can't mitigate global warming unless we cause it,,,,,3364,3,3,links CO2 to GW, sort of 3.2 = implicit,
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4447,1995,Effects Of Electron And Ion Reactions On Atmospheric Lifetimes Of Fully Fluorinated Compounds,Journal Of Geophysical Research-atmospheres,4,4,677,2,3,,873,4,4,I see no GW impacts discussed here. Mention of GWP is not endorsement,,,,,3364,4,4,GWP not sufficient for implicit; not an impact of GW; agree with methods,
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2578,1995,Effects Of Increased Solar Ultraviolet-radiation On Aquatic Ecosystems,Ambio,2,4,3364,2,4,,1439,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
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4313,1995,Emissions Of Greenhouse Gases From Agriculture| Land-use Change| And Forestry In The Gambia,Environmental Monitoring And Assessment,4,3,677,4,4,,1683,4,3,talks about GHG emissions contributing to GW,,,,,1439,4,3,Refers to GHG emissions contributing to GW,
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4328,1995,Environmental Impacts Of Sequestering Carbon Through Forestation,Climatic Change,3,2,1,3,2,Use of phrase 'human caused climate change' = Explicit Endorsement,1439,3,3,Only a suggestion of endorsement. ,,,,,2178,3,2,"human caused" means Anthropogenic, literally,
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4458,1995,Glaciers And Global Warming,Geographie Physique Et Quaternaire,4,5,1802,4,3,no abstract,1,4,5,recent global warming 'is part of the natural climate variability' = implicit rejection,,,,,2103,4,5,these guys are looking a little silly now,
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4432,1995,Global Warming Potentials - The Case Of Emissions From Dams,Energy Policy,4,3,1967,3,2,,1227,4,2,C1.1,,,,,2103,4,3,Where's the explicit part?,
4450,1995,Global Warming Response Options In Brazil's Forest Sector: Comparison Of Project-level Costs And Benefits,Biomass & Bioenergy,3,3,1802,3,3,,3364,3,3,3.1; C-sequstration in forests| etc,,,,,,,,,
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2557,1995,Greenhouse Hydrology,Progress In Physical Geography,2,3,1439,2,3,,1683,2,3,climate change from rising GHGs = implicit,,,,,,,,,
2580,1995,Greenhouse-gas Decision Tools,Epri Journal,3,3,873,3,4,GHG-GW link too vague,71,3,3,,,,,,1227,3,3,abstract doesn't explictly make the link, but the implication is clearly there,
4420,1995,Hydroelectric Dams In The Brazilian Amazon As Sources Of Greenhouse Gases,Environmental Conservation,3,3,1439,3,3,,3364,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
2547,1995,Identification Of Cultivated Pandanus And Colocasia In Pollen Records And The Implications For The Study Of Early Agriculture In New Guinea,Vegetation History And Archaeobotany,5,3,1802,5,3,,1439,5,3,last 60 k years>paleo; anthro effect is not primarily FF emissions,,,,,,,,,
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4294,1995,Impacts Of Environmental Scenarios On Chlorophyll-alpha In The Management Of Shallow| Eutrophic Lakes Following Biomanipulation: An Application Of A Numerical Model,Ecological Engineering,2,4,1227,2,4,,1439,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
4298,1995,Impacts Of Sea-level Rise On Deltas In The Gulf-of-mexico And The Mediterranean - The Importance Of Pulsing Events To Sustainability,Estuaries,2,4,677,2,4,,4194,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
4422,1995,Increasing The Soil Temperature To Study Global Warming Effects On The Soil Nitrogen Cycle In Agroecosystems,Journal Of Biogeography,3,4,677,2,4,,1439,3,3,Refers to GCMs and "pollution" by carbon,,,,,2103,3,4,reads neutral to me,
2577,1995,Inertia In Plant Community Structure - State Changes After Cessation Of Nutrient-enrichment Stress,Ecological Applications,2,4,3364,2,4,,1439,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
4331,1995,Influence Of Cirrus Cloud Radiative Forcing On Climate And Climate Sensitivity In A General-circulation Model,Journal Of Geophysical Research-atmospheres,4,3,1802,4,5,,3364,4,3,agree,,,,,2103,4,3,Maybe 2nd rater clicked wrong box?,
4408,1995,Infrared Band Intensities And Global Warming Potentials Of Cf4| C2f6| C3f8| C4f10| C5f12| And C6f14,Geophysical Research Letters,4,4,1,4,4,GWP,873,4,4,,,,,,,,,,
2584,1995,Integrated Assessment Models Of Climate-change - An Incomplete Overview,Energy Policy,4,4,677,8,4,,873,3,4,I think integrated assessment models of climate models might be climate related,,,,,3364,4,4,"integrated assessment of CC"= methods,
4291,1995,Interaction Of Acid Rain And Global Changes: Effects On Terrestrial And Aquatic Ecosystems,Water Air And Soil Pollution,2,3,1,2,3,,3364,2,3,agree,,,,,,,,,
4404,1995,Intergenerational Discounting,Energy Policy,3,3,2001,3,3,,1802,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
2587,1995,Intergenerational Equity| Discounting| And The Role Of Cost-benefit-analysis In Evaluating Global Climate Policy,Energy Policy,3,4,873,3,4,,677,9,4,,3364,3,4,,,,,,
4401,1995,International Co2 Emissions Control - An Analysis Using Ceta,Energy Policy,3,4,4194,4,4,,1375,3,3,,,,,,3364,3,4,no mention of climate but goal is 'CO2emission control' = mitig.,
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4327,1995,Lca Considerations Of Solid-waste Management Alternatives For Paper And Plastics,Resources Conservation And Recycling,3,3,1375,3,3,,1227,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
4444,1995,Litter Decomposition| Climate And Litter Quality,Trends In Ecology & Evolution,2,4,873,2,4,,1,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
2564,1995,Long-term Changes Of The Diurnal Temperature Cycle - Implications About Mechanisms Of Global Climate-change,Atmospheric Research,4,2,1683,4,2,,873,4,2,Studies climate system itself = methods,,,,,,,,,
4311,1995,Long-term Effects Of Water Level Drawdown On The Vegetation Of Drained Pine Mires In Southern Finland,Journal Of Applied Ecology,2,4,3364,2,4,,1802,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
4370,1995,Long-term Response Of Disturbance Landscapes To Human Intervention And Global Change,Landscape Ecology,2,4,1328,2,4,,1439,2,4,,,,,,,,,,
4308,1995,Long-term Trends In The Arrival Dates Of Spring Migrants,Bird Study,2,4,4194,4,4,,3364,2,4,birds arriving earlier| correlated with T = impacts,,,,,1439,2,4,,
4412,1995,Looking Back 10 Years,Energy Policy,4,4,677,2,4,,1802,2,4,,3364,4,4,abstract does not endorse (even if author certainly does),873,4,4,Theres no GW impacts mentioned in abstract so this is not impacts paper,
4393,1995,Mammalian Generic Diversity And Turnover In The Late Paleocene And Early Eocene Of The Bighorn And Crazy Mountains Basins| Wyoming And Montana (usa),Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology,5,4,2103,5,4,,1439,5,4,,,,,,,,,,
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4334,1995,Methane Emissions From Cattle,Journal Of Animal Science,3,3,677,3,3,,873,3,3,,,,,,,,,,
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4460,1995,Modelling The Impact On Navy Beans And Vining Peas Of Temperature Changes Predicted From Global Warming,European Journal Of Agronomy,2,3,1,2,3,,1683,2,3,takes continued warming as a given = implicit,,,,,,,,,
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4373,1995,Review And Synthesis,Philosophical Transactions Of The Royal Society Of London Series A-mathematical Physical And Engineering Sciences,4,4,3364,4,4,"problems such as..." is too weak for implicit to me; the cycles discussed could be natural| anthro| + or - feedbacks| or just basic neutral research,1375,4,3,peer reviewed? Relevant? > moved to methods in agreement with other reviewer| but left as implicit due to > "This has been driven partly by increasing recognition that particular gases are associated with problems such as acidification| eutrophicatio,,,,,2178,4,4,Not strong enough for implicit. Almost not even Methods since it reads like the preamble to a symposium report,
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4433,1995,Surface Field Convection During Cordilleran Extension And The Generation Of Metamorphic Co2 Contributions To Cenozoic Atmospheres,Geology,5,3,1683,5,3,,1439,5,3,Implicit: 3.3 Paleoclimate papers that link CO2 to climate change,,,,,,,,,
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2570,1995,Thermal Skin-effect And The Air-sea Flux Of Carbon-dioxide - A Seasonal High-resolution Estimate,Global Biogeochemical Cycles,2,3,677,2,4,,1,2,3,'understanding role oceans play in sequestering...CO2 is crucial to understanding global climate change' = Implicit Endorsement,,,,,2103,2,3,1st sentence says it all,
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4302,1995,Tropical Seasonal Forests In Monsoon Asia: With Emphasis On Continental Southeast Asia,Vegetatio,4,2,4194,4,2,,873,4,3,I agree that this is endorsement| but there's no explicit mention of human role| so I change my rating to implicit,,,,,1227,4,2,burning of forests, fossil fuels & industrial activity = human role,
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