2011-06-23 22:52:08Hidden translations


I did a translation couple of days ago of an argument about extreme weather and global warming (here in icelandic). When I look at the list of translated arguments in Icelandic that new one doesn´t appear. Any thoughts on the problem?




2011-06-23 23:54:05Rogue HTML

The same has been happening with my latest German translations and I think that some rogue HTML-formatting in a translation's title is the reason for this. The editor adds an unwanted < p > tag at the beginning and it's impossible to get rid of it. This causes the newly added translations to show up at the top of list in the admin, regardless of the first real letter of the title. Another effect seems to be that these translations are missing from the list of translations in a specific language. I already alerted John to this and some other translation-related issues which started to show up when the new version of the HTMLeditor was introduced.