2011-06-16 12:34:54Portuguese skeptic PhD thesis
John Cook


Got this email, really not sure what to do with it but if any Portuguese translators want to look further into it, here is the details:

Name: Raquel
Email: raquelmpmarques@gmail.com
Message: I was wondering if any of you climate specialists speaks portuguese. A skeptical PhD thesis was recently defended at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.You can download it from this blog:
I made a comment in that blog as an anonymous stating that she did not present any science in her thesis. But, I am really not a climate expert. Anyway, I just thought that you should know that there are "scientific" PhD thesis being defended successfully. How can this be? And supposedly the University of Sao Paulo should be a good school!

2011-09-22 03:11:52


Hey, I took a long time to see this. I'll look into it.