2011-05-29 22:35:50Translations Xref


Hi All,

in order to find out which arguments might be missing German translations, I started to create an Excel-file to get a cross-reference. As I was relying on the flags displayed at the top of each argument, the cross-reference now also contains this information for all the translations. Here is a snapshot:


Each of the flags contains a clickable link to the respective translation of the argument.

The complete file can be accessed here:

I was starting this crossreference based on the "Argument list by fixed numbers". This list does apparently not include all the already published arguments. I marked those with "NO" in colum E "Fixed num?" and highlighted the line in light-brown. In order to get a complete list - as of today - I also included all the arguments from our internal rebuttal list, indicating whether or not (No in column D) the rebuttal has already been published. There are a couple of ambiguous entries in the list where the argument is still colorcoded as not published, but where at least one of the rebuttal-levels is already available. These are marked with "No (??) in column D).


Please note that filtering is not working properly in the Excel-file as the flag-symbols together with the included URLs seem to confuse Excel a bit - even though all cells showing a flag also include an "X". Filtering for all lines containing an "X" for a specific language works fine, but trying to filter for empty cells, also shows some "false hits" - even with flag-symbols for some other entries.

Hope the file is helpful nonetheless.