2011-05-02 21:06:53Basic, intermediate or Advanced?


There has been a load on my mind about the basic, intermediate or advanced argument rebuttals :)

No really, what does other translators choose when translating and there are three levels of rebuttals to choose from? Any system?

I guess most of our readers at loftslag.is understand the intermediate - so I guess the best thing is to translate that - right?

2011-05-02 21:27:47Mainly Basic for German


Hi Hoskibui,

for German we first try to stay as current as possible with the very short versions: title, argument and soundbite. That way, we at least have the "stubs" to add more later. And the stubs also allow us to point German readers to the English content (which many should be able to read - at least at the basic/intermediate level).

Once Basic-versions become available, we try to translate those. These have - at least for me! - the advantage, that they don't contain as much technical lingo as the intermediate/advanced version and are therefore easier and faster to translate. If an intermediate and/or advanced version is also available in English we mention that at the end to point the reader to that as well as the comments. Whenever one of the German translators "feels like it" s/he will also tackle the intermediate versions.

As we currently don't yet have the three-levels available for translations, this works quite well.

Hope this helps!


2011-05-03 00:06:18


Yes, this helps, it gives me food for thought - thank you Baerbel.

2011-05-03 00:44:03
Ari Jokimäki


We have been doing intermediate versions and we'll stick with them unless we get lot of new Finnish translators. It's enough to have one article per claim - and intermediate is (our) natural choice for that.