2011-01-04 09:02:11Getting around a small formatting issue


Hi Folks,

some arguments on the language-dependent overview-page (e.g. the German one) show entries where the skeptic argument has an unwanted linebreak at the end before the closing double-quotes (").

Here is an example:

The reason for this is some unwanted HTML-code in the "Argument title" box which is invisible in the WYSIWYG-editor and you need to use the HTML-icon to correct it:

You'll need to get rid of the HTML-command "
" following the text and update the text


The argument's title then shows up properly formatted in the list of translations

Just thought I'd share...


2011-01-04 15:43:22Thanks Baerbel
John Cook

Very thorough and helpful, the graphics are a lot of trouble and much appreciated.