2010-10-18 23:56:32Suggestions - improvements for the Blog-translations


While working on some Blog-translations this wish-list for changes took shape:

  1. Instead of the obsolete field "Filename" could we have the option to create our own URL (as is possible for the arguments)?
  2. Could the drop-down list for the field "User" be restricted to just the other translators instead of listing - apparently - all registered SkS-users?
  3. It might also be helpful to have the option to name a back-up translator (as is possible for the arguments)

And, just out of curiosity - and well knowing that you are working on tons of stuff already! - do you have a rough idea, when the overview page for translated content might become available? Speaking of which, it might also make sense to include a third category for downloadable translated content like eg. the flyer or the handbook....

Thanks and Cheers