2010-09-22 00:20:28Overview Page for translated Blog-posts?


Hi John,

would it be possible to set up a comparable translation page for blog-entries like the one already available for translated arguments?

This would help to quickly find the translated blog-posts again as there otherwise is only the (somewhat tedious) route via the original entries.

Thanks much and Cheers

2010-09-22 00:26:41Translated blog posts
John Cook


Ah, good point. That page http://www.skepticalscience.com/translation.php needs a major revamp anyway - it's too much listing all translations of all languages on the one page. What if the page was stripped down to this:


Arguments | Blog posts

And Arguments and Blog posts are hyperlinks to subpages that contain, well, the translated arguments and blog posts. Make sense?

2010-09-22 00:46:22Perfect!


Yes, John, that would be great!

The current overview page also does seem to have some formatting issues like line-spacing and font-size within some languages - not sure where those come from, though.

Thanks and Cheers