2010-09-06 02:16:10Donald Prothero slams climate skeptics on the Skeptics Guide


The Skeptics Guide to the Universe put up a nice interview this week with Donald Prothero. As a paleontologist who's also done research on the effects of paleoclimates on evolution, Prothero gets a double-whammy when it comes to anti-science, and he does not pull his punches when it comes to criticizing the climate skeptics. You can get the podcast here:




They also discuss some updates on the YD impact hypothesis.

Discussion thread for the episode is here:




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2010-09-06 12:03:40


...Oh, and they also discuss thorium reactors as a source of alternative energy.


And for impatient people who just want to hear the interview, it starts at 40:50 minutes in, though I recommend the podcast in general.