2010-08-29 23:24:26What the new translation system will include
John Cook


I'm starting this thread as much for myself as for others - as the list of requested features come in, I'll add them in here as a reminder to myself of all the stuff I need to program. I'm ordering it by priority - I'll do the higher ranked items first, some of the less important stuff may come later:

  1. Multi-level translations - the ability to create Basic/Intermediate/Advanced translations. All the current translations are automatically Intermediate, if there is only one level translated, it just shows that level by default
  2. Comments - readers can post comments to translations. Translators will have moderation abilities
  3. Statistics - how many visits each language and specific arguments get
  4. Alternative Heading - several translators have noticed on the English rebuttals, the heading at the top isn't the exact skeptic argument but generally a question. This is because I found using the skeptic argument as a headline actually reinforced the skeptic argument to casual readers who didn't read the whole page. I'll give translators the ability to use an alternative heading too
Welcome any other suggestions on how to make the translations (and the Translation Admin) more effective.
2010-08-31 03:50:40


Sounds good. I'm trying to think of something worthwhile to add, but I can't come up with anything useful right now.


Well, except a minor one that would benefit a lazy werecow like me; would it be possible to add a button "translate this argument" at the top of each skeptical argument page for translators, that takes you directly to the translation page and automatically selects the appropriate argument from the rollout (if a translation is already in progress, it should show a warning and/or take you to the saved draft)?


Also, I'm just brainstorming here, but as we go from simple to intermediate to advanced arguments, we may find it useful to be able to create a kind of translation dictionary for jargon and technical terms, but that's just some random thought and would probably require more work than it's worth.


If I think of anything else I'll post it here.

2010-09-02 21:23:52Language-dependent comments for blog-entries?


Hi John,

would it be possible/feasible to have the ability for language-dependent comments for translated blog-entries as well?