2011-10-13 21:46:26German translation vDec-2010



Pg. 8, last paragraph, 2nd sentence does not end on the page (not enough vertical space?). It ends mid-sentence after "... positive feedback ...", the last words of the sentence are missing.


A general remark:

Pg. 8., Graphic 1, "Legend": "likely", "very likely" -> but: "most likely". The wording "most likely" may be misleading or at least I find it missleading. Perhaps it should read "weighted Maxima" or something like that.




2011-10-14 07:17:28Murphy's law


Thanks for the heads-up Andreas!

It's typical that something like this was missed in I don't know how many iterations of proofreading by myself and others. And - as a "great" example of Murphy's law - I just sent the file off to the printer last weekend to have 500 copies made! Oh well, if others spot it I can always say that we forgot the word "belegen" on purpose to find out if anybody is actually reading the document!



Update: upon checking my documents I realized that the last word must have disappeared because we did some rewording in an earlier paragraph on the same page. Believe it or not, but I did read the page again once John had it updated but skipped right over that error. My bad (or another example of "confirmation bias" as I just didn't want to see any more errors, so I didn't!)