2010-12-08 20:43:19Translation to other languages


Hi John and others.

 This is a very good guide. Do you wish for this to be translated to other languages?

 I'm sure many readers of your site would like to contribute.




2010-12-08 22:41:23Translations
John Cook


Yes, translation into other languages has already begun (in fact, the translators were champing at the bit to translate before the Guide was finished but I kept tweaking the content, shuffling pages and adding new sections so I had to put a hold on any translating until it was officially launched).

If anyone is interested in helping with translation, the best approach is to contact me directly.

2010-12-09 06:45:09translation to german organized


Bärbel Winkler has already worked out a plan how to organize the translation of the guide to german. I personally like the guide very much and I think it will be of great help to people active in tzhe area of "climate change". We will try to find more people to help and finish thr translation ASAP.