2010-12-02 16:42:36Welcome to the forum on the Guide to Skepticism
John Cook


This forum is for posting questions or comments about The Scientific Guide to Global Warming Skepticism.

Note that the Guide is intentionally written at a fairly simple level, avoiding technical jargon or too much detail. The skeptic arguments covered in the Guide are also covered in much greater detail throughout the Skeptical Science website. You can get more information about the following skeptic arguments which are covered in the Guide:


2010-12-11 09:20:09Smart and useful resource, John
Bud Ward

Thanks for a practical, useful and, most importantly, smart resource to help improve public undertanding. Makes a great holiday gift from John and skepticalscience.com... and to the long list of family and friend recipients who I know need to -- and will -- give it a good read.  A great job on this, both Cooks.  Hats off.