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 2012-03-08-Lindzen on consensus.html
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 2012-03-07-A question of bias.html
 2012-03-06-Tom Harris on consensus.html
 2012-03-05-Strategy for anticipating denier response 'we don't deny that humans are causing global warming'.html
 2012-03-05-Page allowing crowd sourcing of missing abstracts.html
 2012-03-04-Tracking down missing abstracts.html
 2012-03-04-I know I shouldn't be wasting time on this but I just couldn't resist.html
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 2012-03-03-Is someone just being a dick_.html
 2012-03-03-Discussion of the public interactive feature.html
 2012-03-02-Question_ will TCP be the biggest ever survey of peer-reviewed climate papers_.html
 2012-02-29-A brief moment to part SkSers on the back.html
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 2012-02-27-Official TCP Guidelines (all discussion of grey areas, disputed papers, clarifications goes here).html
 2012-02-27-Does this mean what it seems to mean_.html
 2012-02-25-Moved our rating deadline up a week.html
 2012-02-25-Heartland's president argues 'mainstream climate scientists are gradually leaving the flock'.html
 2012-02-22-Sorry John.html
 2012-02-21-Things to address in analysis and discuss in paper.html
 2012-02-21-TCP now ahead of schedule.html
 2012-02-21-Santorum's conspiracy theory - TCP can drown that theory in hard numbers.html
 2012-02-21-41% of AMS meteorologists don't think there is a consensus about science.html
 2012-02-21-16 deniers in WSJ_ what is being disputed is the size and nature of the human contribution to global warming.html
 2012-02-20-Rating starts now! Post thoughts.comments on specific papers here.html
 2012-02-19-Ok, you can now beta-test the paper rating system.html
 2012-02-18-Specific technical questions about Phase 2b_ rating papers.html
 2012-02-14-Proposed methodology.html
 2012-02-02-Manufactured Scientific Controversy_ Science, Rhetoric, and Public Debate.html
 2012-01-31-What do you do if you discover duplicates..html
 2012-01-31-What do about deceased_.html
 2012-01-31-Are these guaranteed to be climate science_.html
 2012-01-30-Real Climate on the IPCC consensus position.html
 2012-01-28-A place to report any apparent errors that can't be resolved through the cloud sourcing interface..html
 2012-01-24-Defining the scientific consensus.html
 2012-01-22-Nuts and bolts of how we're going to collect ratings.html
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