2012-03-22 10:50:03FYI, around 10% of our email database are stale
John Cook


We've started sending emails out for the survey I'm doing with the Dutch scientists. We started by sending out just over 500 of the SkS emails. Around 10% of them bounced, presumbably stale emails. That's not an unusual proportion, in fact a little low compared to other experiences I've had with mailouts. Emails go stale at a startling rate and the fact that we are dealing with papers up to 20 years old means it's not unexpected. I'm hoping to get the bounced email information so I can tag those emails in our database.

2012-03-22 18:13:34
Mark Richardson

That's actually better than I might have guessed at.

UK postdoctoral contracts only last 2-3 years in most cases. I know plenty of people who move around every few years for their next contract until they settle down.