2012-03-19 15:44:29best mitigation scheme yet
Sarah Green

Earth Rings For Planetary Environment Control

An artificial planetary ring about the Earth, composed of passive particles or controlled spacecraft with parasols, is proposed to reduce global warming. A flat ring from 1.2 to 1.6 Earth radii would shade mainly the tropics, moderating climate extremes, and counteract global warming. A preliminary design of the ring is developed, and a one-dimensional climate model is used to evaluate its performance. Earth, lunar, and asteroidal material sources are compared to determine the costs of the particle ring and the spacecraft ring. Environmental concerns and effects on existing satellites in Earth orbit are addressed. The particle ring endangers LEO satellites, is limited to cooling only, and lights the night many times as bright as the full moon. It would cost an estimated $6-200 trillion. The ring of controlled satellites with reflectors has other attractive uses, and would cost an estimated $125-500 billion. (c) 2005 Published by Elsevier Ltd.

But the authors of this one might have a different view on messing with the cosmos:

Global Warming And Its Astro-causes

Looks at the problem of global warming from the viewpoint of wholeness. That is, the problem of global warming will be looked at in a comprehensive study considering several aspects of the cosmos, the Earth, and the phenomenon of life. With such a broad understanding in mind, first analyzes both the disadvantageous and advantageous aspects of the current global warming. Second, compares three typical environmental conditions in which humans have lived. Third, employing the concept of global warming, looks at the myth of how ancient civilizations appeared and disappeared Then, considering our Earth system as an open system travelling in the universe, provides an explanation for the current global warming and for global climate changes. It is expected that the explanation presented can be applied to produce long-term predictions for climate changes.

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