2012-03-17 18:53:41Search for and update abstracts - box for abstract's text looks empty


Since yesterday, whenever I use the search-page to add a not yet available link to a paper's abstract, the box where the abstract-text should show up looks empty. On a hunch, I clicked on "HTML" and the text is then visible, enclosed with the paragraph-tags.

Here is a link:


I'm using Firefox 11.0 (but the box is empty und IE as well).

2012-03-17 18:58:57
John Cook


Hmm, the text displays for me. Does this happen in different browsers for you? Have you recently updated your browser? What O/S and browser do you use?

2012-03-17 19:01:41


I'm using Windows XP - but remember I tend to have issues with the edit-box in the translation's section as well.

I updated to Firefox 11 yesterday, but had noticed the "empty" box before that.

Also, earlier in the week I did see the abstract's text, but then the box for "Notes" wasn't yet available - the page ended after the box for the URL (speaking of which, I updated my post above with a note that I'm not sure if the URL actually makes it into the database).