2012-03-12 13:56:25Plan for updating the database of papers
John Cook


I imported all 12,272 papers from the ISI database into the SkS database on January 9. The total # of papers per year looks like this (I put a very crude polynomial fit on the data, try not to get too distracted by that):

Note that the # of papers in 2011 is less than 2010. That's because ISI continue to add papers to their database in 2012. Since January 9, they've added around 150 more papers to the ISI database which would make 2011 exceed 2010 (maybe a couple of papers per day). I'm very keen to update the database as late as possible, to get as many 2011 papers into our analysis as possible.

So my suggestion is this - we continue with our ratings which is on track to finish around 26 March. Then we do quality control on our ratings which I'm guessing will take a few weeks. Then I would like to do a final update of the database, adding 100 to 200 extra papers. We'll be able to crowd source through that many papers in a flash. But the later we import them, the better. 

Everyone cool with that approach?

2012-03-12 15:33:13
Dana Nuccitelli