2012-03-06 17:40:13Tom Harris on consensus
John Cook


Having a look at the critique of Tom Harris' college course teaching students climate denial. Here are a few quotes from Harris on consensus:

The bottom line is we don’t know what the consensus is of world scientists is [sic]. We know there’s a lot of dissent, and it’s dissent among some of the absolute leaders in the field.

...we keep seeing things like this: ‘Few still debate the primary cause of climate change.’ Except 90% of the scientists in the field.

One of the things I find astounding about this whole climate debate is that some of the most basic tenets you know, the idea that CO2 rise is mainly caused by humans, the idea that temperature rise is definite, its occurring, - many of these things are either not true or are simply unknown, or highly debatable.

Many people say that those who are on the climate deniers side of the debate they say that humans are not causing climate change. But no they’re not saying that, what they’re saying is that they’re not causing dangerous climate change. 

There is no scientific consensus about climate change causes.    

90% of scientists debate AGW? What universe does he live in?

And this one:

Climate science is changing quickly.

TCP will show just what direction climate science is headed in.

Also, interesting (and ironic) feedback from a student:

Great prof, awesome course with alternative views on global warming. I managed an A+ and I am doing an arts degree, not science.. I find it hard to believe any science students had a hard time with it. 

2012-03-07 06:16:04
Mark Richardson

Absolutely incredible.

2012-03-07 08:54:56
Glenn Tamblyn


Let me guess. Every student gets an A+?

2012-03-07 08:59:38SkS gets referenced as well
Glenn Tamblyn


Just started skimming the CASS document and they are referencing SkS a fair bit for 'additional reading'. We are having more and more impact!