2012-03-04 07:39:17I know I shouldn't be wasting time on this but I just couldn't resist
John Cook


I'm a sucker for a graph that tells an interesting story and the last few days, I've been thinking about how a graph showing a time series of each rater's total # of ratings might look compared to each other. Eventually, the notion grew irresistable and I had to extract the data and plot it. In my defence, it took me less than half an hour to program the code to extract the data then plot it in Excel.

So this graph is the total number of ratings by each of the top 8 raters, over time:

A few interesting features jump out. Three groups have emerged: Ari, 2nd tier raters (Riccardo et al) and 3rd tier raters (me et al). I'm amazed that Ari has maintained his lead over the 2nd tiers, even pulling away slightly. The man is a machine. I'm also dismayed to see 2nd tier has been pulling away from 3rd tier. I thought my duel with Dana might have had us closing the gap but on the contrary.

I bet if you plotted the dynamics of long distance bike racing, you'd see similar patterns.

And look at Rob H smoking his way up the leaderboard!

I will try to resist the temptation to keep returning to this graph but if others are interested in more up-to-date stats, here is the live data:


2012-03-04 08:00:09


Rob was able to catch up with the 2nd group and logicman came out from nowhere and now joined the 3rd group. Sarah did a big jump in a single. day Ari did a jump start but now has about the same pace as the second group.

I like these stats!

2012-03-04 10:05:29


I know I shouldn't be wasting time on this but I just couldn't resist to calculate the trends (ratings/day)

  overall last 7 days
Ari 80.3 89.5
Riccardo 73.6 87.8
Sarah 80.3 87.4
Rob H 72.1 113.2
Andy S 78.4 87.2
John C 38.0 57.6
logicman 47.9 86.1
dana1981 46.5 45.0


2012-03-04 10:16:09
Dana Nuccitelli

I think mine is the steadiest (as I do exactly 50 most days) :-)

But dude, why'd you make me the pink one?  I don't want to be Mr. Pink.

2012-03-04 10:41:51


Taking the error estimation as a proxy for steadiness, you're the steadiest. I'm in 2nd place (again!) and Andy S is 3rd.

And again, I shouldn't waste my time on this :)

2012-03-04 12:37:15Pink Dana
John Cook


That was the colour assigned automatically by Powerpoint. They must've done what the rest of the Internet has done and assumed you were a girl. Pwned, even by Microsoft! :-)

Riccardo, LOL re error estimates, I've found a soulmate in graph geekiness. I'm guessing my trend error is all over the place.

2012-03-04 15:12:09
Dana Nuccitelli

"They must've done what the rest of the Internet has done and assumed you were a girl. Pwned, even by Microsoft! :-)"

That mother-effing Bill Gates never ceases to piss me off!

Speaking of graph geeking, I was going to suggest you add the sum of all the daily ratings to the graph, to see how we're progressing as a team.  But no biggie, just me enjoying a good graph.

2012-03-04 15:49:34
John Cook


I did have a quick look at the sum - roughly linear, slightly increasing trend. Not too exciting.

2012-03-06 00:57:16
Sarah Green

I've had some internet glitches and I don't know if they mess things up.

Sometimes when I hit the submit button I get an internet error. So, of course, I just keep hitting the button until something happens. I don't know if my ratings get submitted multiple times? Or if my count jumps up each time?

Last night (9 hours ago) I was having a lot of trouble; so it might be worth checking.


2012-03-06 10:54:11
John Cook


No, I've written some code to ensure the system doesn't save your rating for the same paper twice. So even if you hit refresh to send the form results twice, it won't save the results second time around.

Just to be sure, check your "My Ratings" page, see if a paper appears twice.

2012-03-06 12:46:23


John Cook,


     Your variously useful contributions to this forum are noted. 

     However, I am disappointed that you have breached site policy by posting this image.

     It is over 500 pixels wide.

     Please take steps to ensure that this heinous offence is never repeated.


   I remain

   your humble and obedient servant,

   P. Lockerby, Esq.

2012-03-06 18:32:59


You're in my sights, now, Dana.  Still well out of range, but I'm getting closer to a spot in the highly-coveted Top 8...