2012-03-03 19:30:28TCP Embeddable Widget
John Cook


This idea just came up in another thread and now I can't stop thinking about it. Imagine an embeddable widget, a small box that features a graph of the strengthening consensus that is updated yearly (or more regularly) - sitting in the right margins of all the climate and environmental blogs. TCP and the strengthening consensus meme would go viral and become ubiquitious.

If SkSers think this idea has merit, the first question is can we do this in-house? Do any SkSers have the programming chops to help develop a widget? Or do we need outside help to put this together? There may be some communication people on campus I might be able to talk to about this, perhaps even turn it into a research project into viral marketing.

2012-03-04 04:25:02
Dana Nuccitelli

Sure, the easier we make the information to spread, the better.