2012-01-19 16:46:44Required reading
John Cook


For anyone involved in TCP, here are articles you must read to get the full history of context:

If you encounter other relevant papers, post them in this thread. Perhaps post the general gist of the paper - summarise the take-home points for the rest of us.

2012-01-19 16:58:25
Ari Jokimäki


Rosenberg et al. (2010).

2012-01-20 08:53:41Monckton's critique of Oreskes
John Cook

2012-01-22 13:47:27


Examining the Scientific Consensus on Climate Change


(free pdf) http://www.ucsusa.org/assets/documents/ssi/DoranEOS09.pdf

(Authors surveyed scientists via questionaire to derive consensus percentages.)


Related / background papers:

(Social science / social psychology / media studies)


The framing of counter-consensus arguments.



Media’s social construction of environmental issues:

"... our research demonstrates that the U.S. with differing industries, predominantly dominated by the fossil fuel industry, in comparison to New Zealand and Finland has a significant impact on the media coverage of global warming. The U.S’s media states that global warming is controversial and theoretical, yet the other two countries portray the story that is commonly found in the international scientific journals."



Media bias, so-called 'balance'.

2012-02-03 06:11:26
Ari Jokimäki


Expert credibility in climate change (Anderegg et al. 2010) [abstract, full text]

The scientific consensus of climate change revisited (Bray, 2010) [abstract, full text]

Scepticism and uncertainty about climate change: Dimensions, determinants and change over time (Whitmarsh, 2011) [abstract, full text (DOC)]

Uncertain climate: An investigation into public scepticism about anthropogenic climate change (Poortinga et al. 2011) [abstract]

And references therein.

2012-02-03 06:25:02
Ari Jokimäki


Public understanding of climate change in the United States (Weber & Stern, 2011) [abstract, full text]

Climate denier, skeptic, or contrarian? (O'Neill & Boykoff, 2010) [abstract]

Reply to O’Neill and Boykoff: Objective classification of climate experts (Anderegg et al. 2010) [abstract]

Expert credibility and truth (Aarstad, 2010) [abstract]

Reply to Aarstad: Risk management versus “truth” (Anderegg et al. 2010) [abstract]

Reply to Bodenstein: Contextual data about the relative scale of opposing scientific communities (Anderegg et al. 2010) [abstract]

Simulations of opinion changes in scientific communities (Sobkowicz, 2011) [abstract, full text]


2012-03-08 14:29:42
John Cook


There Is No 'Consensus' by Richard Lindzen

2012-03-08 21:00:44
Brian Purdue


One of the main attackers of TCP will be “No Frakking Consensus” (Laframboise) so better read up on her angle on consensus.

Like the $13,000 prize money for best essay on green myths. Wonder who supplied the money for that. Being Canadian maybe it’s the Harper Government?

2012-03-09 08:21:39Here are highlights from No Frakking Consensus
John Cook

Peer-review is untrustworthy because people involved in journals (well, at least the Journal of Climate) are also incestuously involved in the IPCC

Peer review is not a guarantee of truth

Scientists should debate deniers

Science is about doubt, not certainty. Saying consensus is trying to disappear dissenters. Consensus is the opinion of a small group of people. Hundreds of imminent scientists dissent.

2012-03-09 08:40:09
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

"Hundreds of imminent scientists dissent"

Those would be soon-to-graduate scientists...?

2012-03-09 17:33:48
Ari Jokimäki


Perhaps we should concentrate more on the peer-reviewed sources.

2012-03-09 19:41:36Indeed
John Cook

This thread can focus on peer review and the thread on skeptic reactions to consensus can be the place where we discuss more blog treatments of e subject, particular critiques and possible line of attacks. The table on that thread is already developing into quite a useful resource and summary of some of our strategies:


2012-03-10 08:26:50
Brian Purdue


John - when I click on both your thread links it says you do not have access to this page and if I click again I'm logged out.

2012-03-10 08:46:40Fixed
John Cook


Accidentally linked to http://skeptical... instead of http://www.skeptical... - which requires a different login session. Try the links again.