2011-11-16 18:59:27Homepage looks weird on iPad 2 after upgrade to iOS 5


I recently upgraded my iPad 2 to iOS 5 which also includes a new version of the Safari-Browser. What I like about the new browser version is that it now allows for tabbed-browsing, what I don't like is that the SkS-homepage looks all weird with many of the graphics not showing up where they are supposed to be and several graphics display completely different pictures than what they should.

For example: instead of the expected toon of the week I see a large version of the icon for "The big picture", or instead of the number 5 in the thermometer, the icon for "OA is not OK". It's really all messed up.

I tried finding an app to actually create a screen-capture of this, but wasn't able to find one quickly, so the description of what I see will have to suffice.

Anybody else having this issue?