2011-09-23 11:28:51Removing SkS from Wayback Machine
John Cook


Someone emailed me the following suggestion:

You can stop SkS from appearing in the Internet Archive by visiting this page.


Focus will remain on the strongest (latest) rebuttals.

Something to consider in future.

I'm actually thinking we should go in the other direction - more transparency, adding a feature that lets readers see earlier versions of our rebuttals.

2011-09-23 14:41:45Old posts


Hi John,

did you see my suggestion about this in the "BH-thread"?

22 Sep 2011, 9:04 PM Renaming old posts when a new version is published?
BaerbelW How about introducing a system where an old version of a post gets put into an archive of sorts? The post would most likely need another URL with eg. "old" added at the end and the post could be closed for new comments and a reference to the new version could be added. The new version would retain the original URL and could have a link to the previous version.



2011-09-25 12:26:00Moving forward
John Hartz
John Hartz

SkS needs an additonal person or two to maintain and enhance the website. It also needs an Executive Committee to develop a work plan and provide oversight in its implemention.

2011-10-10 20:14:18
Paul D


That would be moving backwards JH.

Geez there are enough 'corporate' enviromental orgamisations and other societies around, I don't think SkS needs to add to them.