2011-07-21 22:08:41SKS Chat
Robert Way


Hi John and everyone else.
We have probably discussed getting a chat feature on here before and I was wondering what was the reason we were not able to? I understand some people are trying to use google + but I was curious why the forum is unable to have that sort of feature. It would be of use especially where we could schedule meetings with a large group. I.e. One chat window with everyone who is online available to talk.

2011-07-22 02:24:42


As far as I remember, setting up a chat-system within SkS requires quite some work. Before we head down that route, we should perhaps try out how the Chat-feature on Google+ works out. I just gave it a quick try and it looks to be very good at least for 1:1 conversations. Chats with more people seem to be possible as well as others can be invited to join. Another BIG advantage over the FB-chat feature is that the chat-window can be enlarged.

I cannot try out the "Hangout" as I don't - yet - have a webcam, but it sure sounds as if it might come in handy one of these days.

2011-07-22 10:44:48
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Oslo was working on it for a while but I don't know where he is with that.

2011-07-23 05:06:30


I have been working on it but lay it aside as the ext program library was in beta, and caused quite a few problems.

The new ext release have been available for quite some time now, so I'll look into it again (would be cool to have on the Gore event)

(on hollyday these days, on the western part of Norway, and watching the terror in Oslo, my home town with a terrible feeling - 20-30 people shot at an island just outside  oslo at a political youth camp in addition to the bombing of government quarters - I'll report on the Chat again next week)