2011-05-20 12:29:32Multi-part Posts
Glenn Tamblyn


Technical question John/Dana


If I produce a large post that I want to break into multiple sub-posts with a master post linking them together via URL's, will each sub-post appear separately as a post on the home page, or just the master post. And can I control where comments appear so that they aren't spread across the master and all the subs so there is a coherent comments thread spanning the lot?


2011-05-20 12:39:38
Alex C


While John and Dana would be much better at answering this, my observation has been that each post is separate, so you could do the three part post you were thinking of, one per day for example, and then have a summary post the fourth day, if that's what you mean.  I think that comment threads would be specific to each one.

2011-05-20 13:55:30
Dana Nuccitelli

John is the guru and might know some tricks that I don't, but as far as I know what Alex said is correct.  For example with the Lindzen series, I did 6 posts and then summarized and linked to them in #7.

I think that's a good way to do it, because it breaks up the information into digestible pieces for the readers.  Publishing all at once, even just in a master post with links, could overwhelm people and make them less likely to read the whole thing.  Quite a few times we've done several part posts like this.  Rob with Crux of a Core is another example.

2011-05-20 18:47:14If we can do the option that requires no extra programming from me, am all for it
John Cook

Plus rather than publish one post linking to sub posts, you get more eyeballs doing it as a blog series where each post gets it's spot in the sun for a day or so