2011-05-14 23:46:53Search finds unpublished posts.
Glenn Tamblyn



I was just using Search on the public site and it threw up my, as yet, unpublished article. Is that because my login gives me access to that or is this a bug in Serach? Could the public find unpublished material?


2011-05-15 02:50:37
Alex C


It's an artifact of being logged in.  I checked it myself after logging out, the same search that shows nothing logged out does show your article logged in.

2011-05-15 03:05:59
Glenn Tamblyn



2011-05-15 21:17:18Alex nails it
John Cook


You might as an author want to find an unpublished article, hence I've programmed it to show all posts to authors. Ordinary users or not-logged-in searchers only see public posts.