2011-05-07 07:36:21168 extra links to SkS per day - does that sound right?
John Cook


Someone recently asked me how many links there are to Skeptical Science which was an interesting question. I did a little bit of research and it seems https://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/ is one of the better ways to count the number of inbound links (or inlinks as they call it) to your website. What it told me was surprising - there were around 184,000 links to Skeptical Science. Then, being the graph obsessed nerd I am, I was interested to see how this would evolve over time so I started recording the # of inlinks over the last month. This is the result:

It fluctuates (not sure if this is measurement error or a real phenomenon) but the overall trend is 168 extra links to Skeptical Science per day. One of my plans when I first created SkS was to have a resource of definitive rebuttals to climate myths so that people would link to them in online discussions. So over time, the links to SkS would grow. As google search engine rankings heavily depend on the # and quality of inbound links, this would be the key to getting good results in google search results. A form of "grass roots search engine optimisation".

These results seem to indicate the plan has worked. But is the data reliable? I wonder if anyone else has used Yahoo Site Explorer on their website? What has been their experience with the Inlinks feature?

2011-05-07 09:09:30Yahoo Site Explorer
John Cook


BTW, if anyone wants to try Yahoo Site Explorer with their own website and has any questions, ask here and I'm happy to provide any pointers. Took me a bit of playing around before I figured it out.

2011-05-07 09:40:49
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Looks like the fabled SkS Bi-Monthly Oscillation (SKSBMO) in action.  You've uncovered the sink location of Trenberth's missing heat!

2011-05-07 12:28:55
Alex C


It seems like the links peeked in 1998 and have declined since ;-)


Not familiar with Y! Site Explorer, though it seems very interesting.