2011-04-20 12:45:06Peer-review dump from zvon.org
John Cook


Mila got back to me re his database of peer-reviewed papers and sent me the following database dump:


It's not comprehensive, but what it does do is take all the SkS papers I gave to him back when I shared my data with him and include info on authors, DOI, journal, etc. It even includes the articleID number which is SkS's indexing system making it very easy to match his data with mine.

I was thinking of first bringing the journal and DOI info. Maybe next, create a databaes of authors so we can have a map of authors to papers, allowing us to keep track of every author of a paper. But that is not important right now. What I would like right now is the journal and DOI of each paper.

Normally, I love figuring out ways to scrape data from a feed but right now am madly swamped - does anyone have any skills on getting XML data into MySQL format so I can quickly get this into our database?