2011-04-09 08:00:17Sharing Internet Favorites.Links
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

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Dunno if this would have been better served in the Communicating Science or Technical areas of the Forum (I'll put links there to here, I guess).

The thought occurred to me as I'm getting ready to do a major cull & filing session of my Internet Favorite Links (I use Firefox 4.0) that some others might want to exchange links.  I'm sure we all have our go-to links to answer questions and look up papers, but I'm equally sure each of has things organized in particular ways and maybe has things bookmarked that some of the others would like to have, if only they knew it existed and where to get it.

With that said, if anyone wants a copy of my links, I'll export them to a JSON file (what Firefox uses to back up its link database) & make it available to whoever wants it.

If anyone has a comprehensive set of science links & is willing to share: