2011-04-06 08:04:15Can anyone tell me where this rogue HTML is coming from?
John Cook


This page http://skepticalscience.com/Climategate-CRU-emails-hacked.htm has some dodgy code "> at the top of the page but I can't find the cause. Can anyone help?

2011-04-06 08:21:09

Looks like this line, you used double quotes without escaping:


<meta name="description" content="<p>While some of the private correspondance is not commendable, an informed examination of their "suggestive" emails reveal technical discussions using techniques well known in the peer reviewed literature. Focusing on a few suggestive emails merely serves to distract from the wealth of empirical evidence for man-made global warming.</p>">

2011-04-07 06:48:41Thanks
John Cook

I see the problem thanks to you spotting that. The WYSIWYG admin system is adding those p tags where it shouldn't. Will get to work on resolving this.