2011-03-15 18:33:24Broken images on imageshack
John Cook


Just got this email from a reader:

Thanks for the continuing production of excellent articles! But recently a number of the figures and other images have been from ImageShack and so have not been downloadable either as part of the page or separately.
Is it possible for images to always be embedded into the articles?
Imageshack appears to want one to have a domain to register with them before the images are visible - does that mean SkepticalScience needs to register?

Any advice on the best resolution to this? Always upload images to SkS?

2011-03-16 13:58:07
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

I just fixed the images that way (upload them to SkS) on this post:



I had no trouble viewing them with Firefox, but readers had complained (well, that's a strong word, but they couldn't see an integral part of the post).