2011-02-10 06:14:52File Upload functionality


Could the file upload functionality be enhanced to give us the option to actually override an already existing file? This would have two advantages:

  1.  it would lessen the load on the server especially as some files can be fairly large (some graphics or eg. ppt-files)
  2. updates to already existing posts referencing a specific file wouldn't always need to be updated 

Or - but I guess this would require more programming - during the file-upload the already existing file could first be copied to another name (perhaps using the current numbering logic?) and in a second step the file gets uploaded but the original name can be reused.

It would also be neat if we could actually search for the files via a kind of directory listing to see what is already there.

And, on another note: could it make sense to have separate directories for pictures and other file-types?