2011-02-07 16:40:57Forum topics now ordered by last post
John Cook


I've been getting a bit frustrated digging through the now lengthy list of topics on the Forum homepage trying to find the latest posts. So I've reprogrammed it to order by the latest post. So the forums with the most recent activity get pushed to the top.

It does make the ordering rather random if you're looking for a specific forum - see the left margin for the usual hierarchy.

2011-02-07 18:47:41This is weird....


...and makes me wonder if you are now clairvoyant? Just yesterday I was thinking that it might be neat to have the forums sorted by last post made, but I didn't put this into writing to not - again - add to your workload.

Thanks and cheers

2011-02-07 21:13:27We're all syncing
John Cook

I'm also starting to have synchronous thoughts with Dana. We all must be spending too much time on the forum, we're all starting to think alike :-)