2011-01-23 21:05:57Rebuttal list - could the links to the published argument be added?


Could the rebuttal list we have access to from the forum be modified to also show the link to the published argument (in addition to the previews by argument-level)? As soon as one of the argument-levels gets published, the argument's title in the argument-column would turn into an active link to the relevant page. This would turn this list into a "one-stop-shopping" to see which arguments have already gone live.....


2011-01-24 09:59:09Done!
John Cook


Baerbel, thanks for the suggestion. I've added the link - the skeptic argument is now a hyperlink. I've also added some extra colouring to the list - if an argument is published, the colour behind the Argument Title is green, otherwise, it's red. So yes, good one-stop-shop to see what's gone live.

Great ideas, many thanks! I usually take forever to respond to your great ideas but this one was quick and easy to implement hence the speedy response :-)