2010-12-19 02:46:17Direct links to "Newcomers start here" and "The Big picture"....


....have gone AWOL from the homepage. Is this by accident or by design? Just wondering as it was quite handy to have especially the "Big picture" post readily available from the homepage.


2010-12-19 05:17:59Here they are if anyone needs them
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

I had them bookmarked (still works):



2010-12-22 11:34:36Buttons are back
John Cook

I removed them because the text in the "Scientific Guide to Skepticism" blog post was nearly identical to the opening paragraph so it looked weird. Now the Guide post has fallen below the fold, I've added them back in. Also added the Guide pic to the right margin and shrunk the smartphone apps to get all 3 onto one line (they look so cute all tiny and lined up like that :-)