2010-12-03 06:03:30Firefox-plugin - Updates possible to submitted links


The other day, I submitted a link while reading the article about the Royal Society's special issue but apparently forgot to switch the bias from the default "Skeptic" to "ProAGW". I only noticed this, when the link showed up marked in red in the daily email. I just now tried to correct this but cannot resubmit the page for the same argument (It's not bad) and I also cannot correct the information in the resource-admin. I tried to delete the entry but still cannot resumit the article with the correct setting and the same argument. Is there a way to modify things like eg. the bias of submitted articles via the admin-page?

This might also come in handy should somebody submit "Skeptic" articles but "accidentally switch their bias to "ProAGW" just to make folks follow the link (and if they don't recognize the website's name).