2010-11-12 06:46:37taxonomy in smartphone apps
I have an iPod touch, and use the SkS app all the time (mostly for pleasant reading on the bus). I assume that the apps for other platforms are organized the same way. All the arguments are sorted by one level of taxonomy - it's not happening, it's not us, etc - whereas the taxonomy page for SkS often has sub-levels or sub-sub-levels, which can be very helpful when looking through the arguments. I was wondering whether it would be possible to talk to Shine about including these multiple levels of organization. I'm not sure what language the app uses, and whether this would be too much work, but I think it would make the user experience better.
2010-11-12 22:30:03iPhone taxonomy
John Cook

It was something that was discussed during initial development. I think they went with one level because it was easier and there went so many arguments. I didn't press the point because, well, they were doing this incredible thing for free. I wasn't going to be too picky. And what they created was amazing.

but I realize the other day that the three parent categories are hard coded into the app which means the "it's too hard" doesn't appear. So perhaps when that gets updated, the taxonomy issue could be looked at. But Shine have just finished an update of the app and I think are submitting it to iTunes shortly. The new update includes blog posts in the app which is an exciting development.