2010-10-28 19:13:01Is it possible that the Firefox-plugin causes short "freeze-ups" of Firefox?


There is a comment from fredb in the Firefox-thread which makes me wonder if the "mini-freeze-ups" I've been experiencing recently might be connected to the add-on as well.

This started a while ago and I cannot pinpoint the time exactly but have a hunch that it started when I first installed the beta-version of the add-on. It's usually not a long delay but it can be a nuisance if I for example start typing a website's address on a newly opened window or tab and the first couple of letters don't make it into the address-field as expected. Sometimes, the tabs don't react as quickly as expected when clicked and similar "issues".

Is there a way to troubleshoot this from my end, like some kind of Firefox-tool to debug the page-buildup or so?



2010-10-29 07:22:28Have passed this onto Shine
John Cook

I'll pass this onto Adam at Shine, see what he says. Thanks, Baerbel.