2010-09-05 20:03:24Site down for planned maintenance on Sept. 4


When I tried to access Skeptical Science yesterday (my) early evening, the only thing I got was a notice that there was a scheduled maintenance going on between 01:00 to 5:00. I had been able to access the site earlier and it worked again once the maintenance was complete.

As this - if the automated message was correct - was a planned outage, could future maintenance work be announced in the forums to alert the authors and translators that this was going to happen? Now that a lot more people are actively working on the site a disruption like this could turn into a more or less big nuisance if folks are eg. in the midst of creating a new post or translation and cannot save their work before the site becomes unavailable.

Just a thought....


2010-09-06 07:10:31Outage message
John Cook

Good point. Usually these outage periods pass me by because we Aussies are slumbering away when it happens. I'll keep more of an eye out for them and post an alert here on the tech forum if something is coming up.