2010-08-27 04:45:50How about a YouTube channel?
Michael Searcy


I'm a huge fan of Peter Sinclair's "Climate Denial Crock of the Week" series, but I know Peter tends to lean a bit more on the sarcastic side (while albeit presenting some eviscerating replies to common skeptical arguments).  This site tends to be more about the straightforward science.....or at least attempting to make the science digestible as straightforward.

Any desire to put together a YouTube channel to relate to the common arguments? I think Dr. Alden Griffith's videos at his "Fool Me Once" blog are excellent examples, and I know he is a frequent commenter here.  I think it would be great to brand his videos with the "Skeptical Science" theme.  Who knows, maybe see if he would be interested in leading the effort to create and manage such a channel.


2010-08-28 09:04:37Comment
Robert Way

I think it is a good idea (if not great idea) in principle but in practice it might not be so straight forward. The problem is essentially that it is already pretty time consuming to be at this and then the glossary and then the advanced rebuttals and the firefox plugin... I think that when the time comes where people get a bit more time then this would be a great idea and a good way to reach a larger audience. Perhaps someone should send Peter Sinclair a message and some collaboration could be in order.
2010-08-28 11:03:43idea
John Cook


My original goal was to include as many of Peter's Crock videos in my rebuttals as possible - I have a lot of them in the footnotes of my skeptic arguments but haven't got around to doing them all.

Alden Griffith's videos are also an excellent resource - probably closer to Skeptical Science in tone than Peter. 

I'm not sure if either author would want to rebrand their videos with Skeptical Science - they have their own brands and it's a good thing having different websites with different brands. I would suggest perhaps we let these forums develop, see where the growing community here leads and if folks with video and audio skills show interest, perhaps a video effort may spontaneously develop. It could be something that ties in with the phone app technology from Shine Tech, who knows? There are already several prolific authors here with a lot of skills in these areas (coughjohnrussellgrahamwaynecough) :-)

2010-09-28 03:32:29It's not easy
Richard Hawkins

I try and keep track of anything useful and add it to our Youtube feed, embedded in our Wordpress site, see: http://climatesafety.org/videos

There really isn't a lot out there though, as far as I can find.

Happy to look into something collaborative that we could all embed.