2010-08-25 06:40:54Came across something technical of interest to climate buffs....
Robert Way

Hey Guys,
I came across something really interesting that may be of interest to climate buffs. It is a program which uses the command prompt (or ms-dos) in windows and java to download global temperature data and create a global temperature anomaly graph from it. It is called the GHCN Processor. It was developed by Joseph at Residual Analysis and is available for FREE download at the following website:


For me I just downloaded it (had trouble figuring out how to use it) but I ended up putting the JAVA Bin file and the ghcnp Bin file in the path (under environment variables, under properties of my computer).

Anyways some syntax is listed on the website given but also in the readme attached. It's actually really easy to use and you can specify many different things such as rural stations or urban or forested areas or distance from coastlines. You can also choose the station combination method (first differences, anomaly, linear) and the countries/global. Really to do the global one its like 4 words you type in the command prompt. The output is a .csv file which just has a spreadsheet showing the temperature anomalies for each month (and year). It can then be opened in excel or any spreadsheet software and graphs can be made. I am very impressed with the implementation and I think it can be a great tool for anyone interested in climate science who might need some graphs but lacks the programming skills to do it oneself.

Let me know what you guys think.
2010-08-28 12:41:06

Great find!