2010-08-23 05:08:39Website statistics


Hi Folks,

I'm wondering if there is a means to tell us how often the rebuttals are actually "looked at" in order to get some idea how successful the list is. I am aware of the various discussions on how basically useless hit-statistics are, but there has to be some kind of information available to tell us which eg. type of rebuttal is accessed how often and how much time is spend there. It might eventually be intersting to see which rebuttal-level will be the most favorite one.

Likewise, I'd like to get at least a rough idea how often and from where the German translations are being accessed. I guess, that the other translation-teams would also appreciate this type of information.

Is this already available and could it be shared with the authors/translators or could something be set up?




2010-08-28 11:09:02statistics
John Cook

There's only my usual stats package - I think I'll add some code that tracks just the rebuttals and the translations. Will probably do this when I revamp the translation system.
2010-09-02 22:21:39
James Frank


I see that the "usual stats package" is Google Analytics. If you wouldn't mind doing a little backend work on refactoring URLs, it would make it fairly easy to create segments within your Google Analytics install to track just views on particular pages.

e.g.Any translation's URL would end up under skepticalscience.com/xx/argument, where xx is the language code for that particular language. 

The argument-title to ID table might get a little complicated with argument titles in multiple languages, but that shouldn't be anything too hard to handle. Either by expanding the logic or doing what Joomla does and just including the article ID: skepticalscience.com/xx/nn/argument-title, where xx is the language and nn is the argument ID. argument-title would be unnecessary but look good.

(Actually, this could be nicely expanded to include the basic/intermediate/advanced from a conceptual standpoint where you would have skepticalscience.com/xx/argument/basic.)

Just some thoughts.